Monday, March 3, 2008

my grief story

Everyone has a story. or two...or thousands.
Mine starts long before this blog ever came to be.
And then it took the twist of a lifetime with the loss of my daughter, Caden.
But that was just the start of my grief story.

and once it started, I started writing about it. I put onto paper Internet what I was feeling, what I was learning... what God was doing.

And He has done great and wonderful things.
So great and wonderful that I want others to see, to read, to witness the power of Christ in my life.
To experience how He tenderly picked up the shattered, broken pieces of myself and gently put them back where He wanted them.
Where He could use them.
Where they would be seen by others for His glory.

My hope is that you can come here and read about my loss, my grief, my sadness and see that it was that, all that, yet it was and still is, so much more.
 I hope you will see hope and joy.
I hope you will see God's grace, mercy and faithfulness.
I hope you see Christ.

Here is a place you can come to read about my grief, my struggles, my questions and my growth without all the other facets of my life...(like tumors, pregnancy, kids...laundry, dishes and all the crazy that comes with being me)
This little page of the interweb is just for those who need to see how God has brought a sad, struggling woman through the hardest thing she has ever experienced.
Brought her through and given her Hope...
So much Hope.
And Joy.
And an anticipation for Heaven like never before.

the beginning...

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