Tuesday, March 22, 2011


These guys are great reminders of Gods goodness to me.
Their smiles melt my heart and make me joyful, even on the hardest days.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Who is?

Who is 2 months old already?

Who is tipping the scales at 15 lbs. 5 oz.?

Who is growing out of all footie sleepers because he is 25 inches long?

Who is so big he is off the charts?

Who is smiling and cooing?


You are, Ryder!... Silly Boy!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

a day in the life of Rigg

7:00- 7:30
Wake up, jibber-jabber while waiting for mama or daddy to get him out of bed. Knock loudly at door if mama or daddy take too long. Also yell for the dog 1-7 times intermittently.

Breakfast: sippy of milk, mixed berry cereal bar and a banana

Yell "baby" 3-4 times while pointing at the baby

stop eating, leave 2-5 bites of everything, as if just taste testing all food...finish nothing

proclaim loudly "all done" while simultaneously shaking tray on booster seat.

watch curious george
throw 2-3 balls behind the TV

push diaper box or laundry basket around living and dinning rooms,
stand on box and dance

"play" with mr.potato head
make him ooze out of the vent

hand mama an empty water bottle and ask for water
drink 3 sips
pour remaining water out on kitchen floor

ask for more water

throw small fit when told no

all letter magnets must come off refrigerator door and make a new
dwelling on the floor

push tub of baby clothes up to refrigerator and push buttons
maybe spray water

poke baby in the eye while repeating "eye"over and over
give baby his pacifier; make sure to do so forcefully

hide Rufus in lockers
add an assortment of other toys
make sure to slam doors

open pantry, point at random and say "peas" over and over again
Do this until mama reads your mind and selects the snack you were not pointing to


climb up and down off the sofa, snack in hand, proclaiming "Elmo" 
and "Ernie" at random
ask for more milk at least twice
push diaper box directly in front of the TV and stare at screen
probably cause permanent eye damage
poke and prod the baby at random

11:00- 11:37
repeat a variation of 8:30-8:54

open pantry ask for more food

get distracted by mama
dance in the dinning room

tug on mama's pants while whining

run to booster chair
eat like you have been starved for days
run to booster chair
eat nothing

pick any or multiple tasks listed above and repeat


1:00- 4:00

Rigg: see 12:30-1:00
Cari: survive

Daddy comes home
do happy dance when seeing daddy approach
follow daddy around until dinner


play with daddy
take bath
give kisses
night, night

mama collapses
does happy dance around living room

Saturday, March 12, 2011

for your viewing pleasure

Remember to pause the music at the bottom of the page to hear the videos

This video starts out great with smiles and coos from Ryder then goes downhill fast...I have no patience for editing.

Rigg does wear pants... really. Just not in either of these videos.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Are you curious to see how Ryder has changed?

Or, to see his cute little face? 

Are you curious to know how much baby chub he has?

How about to see the hint of a smile on his face?

Well, if you were curious... I hoped this helped!

Monday, March 7, 2011

A week in numbers

1 dead camera battery
0 pictures
7 baths, for kids
3 showers... for mom
6 loads of laundry
3 loads still to do
5 outfits with poop on them
2 with baby puke
2 bags of trash
2 new packages of diapers
1 sick husband
2 Dr. appointments
1 filled prescription
1better husband
1 lost sippy (with whole milk...eew)
1 found sippy...2 days later (double eew)
3472 dirty dishes
4 hours of washing dishes
1still very messy kitchen
1 fired maid...if I ever find her...sigh
27 viewings of "firefly show" from a recorded sesame street
6597 times I had to try and get the firefly song out of my head
12,739 times I said the phrase "No, Rigg."
7 spontaneous dance parties in the kitchen
4 in the living room
1 very white boy with no rhythm
1 afternoon to show-off Ryder
45 "He is SO cute!"'s
45 "Thank you."'s (in my head 45 "I know!"'s)
34 extra ounces of milk saved in the freezer
7 nights of sleeping from10 to 4
6 days of afternoon naps (for mom)
8-9 cheesy smiles from the little one
89 cheesy smiles from the "big" one
23 sloppy toddler kisses
1 very happy mama