Monday, March 24, 2014


It's been almost a month...
and although its been crickets here on the blog, I do use the Instagram daily-ish.
(you can follow me if ya want to, I'm carichastain)
So... to keep you up to speed, I thought it was time for an Insta-Day...
Insta-days are just me posting my Instagram pics on the blog and telling you what we've been up to... If I was a really great blogger, I would do it once a week... but you know, I'm just a so-so blogger. (I'm embracing the real me)
Rigg has a knack for making the cutest gestures and faces... I truly do not know where some of his mannerisms come from. He is growing up... I both simultaneously love and despise it. 

Ryder is still, well..., Ryder. He is everywhere, all the time...into everything and doing it with great pleasure and gusto.

He's also very messy.

My kiddos are early risers.
I bought this happy coffee mug because it was delightful... and happy.
The sentiment of said mug does not apply to the wee hours of early pre-dawn that my boys think is wake-up-and-play-loudly time.

The Captain and I usually have our dates at a hospital or hospital type setting. It involves me reading or scrolling through Pinterest or Houzz while he gets poked and prodded and injected and infused.
Good times.

Ryder is crazy.
that is all.

My sister, Sara, came in from LA earlier this month for a long weekend.
She and I got some stellar sister time without kids... which means we shopped and chatted and tried on clothes and shoes and chatted and all things lovely.
by ourselves
without kids.

Even though Sara came sans kids, she did have to hang out with mine a bit while she was here. The boys love Aunt Sara.
They also love waffle house and bacon...
(but who doesn't?)

If you live anywhere near the Midwest you might have heard whispers of people being over the winter. And by whispers I mean loud angry exclamations of how much we are done with winter.
But winter is not done with us.
Spring tried really hard for about 2 days... giving 70+ degree weather... just to plummet headfirst back into winter with below freezing temps and more snow.
Rigg and I were not amused. His astute assessment of snow after being able to play at the park without a coat...
"snow is dumb."
He's a smart boy.

Chemo happens once a month around these parts. The Captain usually feels all sorts of terrible after chemo and usually becomes a permanent inhabitant of the bedroom for a little over a week. After such a time he emerges slowly and starts to eat again... gaining energy only to do it all over again.
The boys miss their daddy whilst he is hibernating. So they hang as close as possible some days.

Rigg and Ryder both love BSF. Last week we studied Jesus' return. They left with trumpets. Rigg has been blowing his at least twice a day since to "see if Jesus is comin' back to Earf."
Its super loud and kinda annoying... but also amazingly sweet and awesome.
I love what the boys soak up each week. I love that I can talk with them and get excited with them about God's word. I love that He is working in their little hearts by the stories and songs and verses they learn.

The Captain is starting to get treated at the schmancy new Nuero-Science center. It's shiny and new in every stinkin' corner.  I was super excited... it's like getting invited to hang with the cool kids... being high class brain tumor patients...
He thought I was a  bit crazy....

Also, in fun Captain news, He has been feeling a little better lately. He even had friends over to play (eat pizza and watch basket ball... it is March!).
He had a really good time. He smiled and made my heart happy.

I realize in all the pictures of Rigg he is wearing his coat and hat (we spoke earlier about the stupid winter... see above)
That, and he, Ryder and I are always on the go... it is a season of being in the car going from here to there. I like to sing in the car... loudly and with much feeling... Rigg however told me just this morning to stop singing. I turned (as much as I could while driving) and gave him my most offended face. He responded by delivering this line, in a most convincing tone, "Mom, I really love you, but, I don't want you to sing."
Some people just don't know true talent when they hear it!

Happy Monday!