Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Have a Happy Birthday Captain!

Today is the Captain's Birthday!
 He dislikes birthdays, so I thought it only fitting to share his with the bloggy world and the Internet... (your welcome Captain!)

If you feel like you do not know much about the Captain... you can read more about him here and here.

If you do know him, or feel like you do, or wish you did...then leave a Birthday comment for him... He will really enjoy it! (said only with a small amount of sarcasm!)

Have a Happy Birthday Captain! I am so happy, nae, lucky, to be sharing your birthday with you, as well as all the rest of our days! I love you!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

He must really like me

A friend called me a week or so ago and asked me to describe my first year of marriage. The first words that came to mind were easy and fun. I went on to tell here why I thought so. We chatted for awhile and then she had to go, but I kept thinking about it.

A couple of nights later I asked the Captain the same question. He said it was easy... so I told him my response. He just nodded in agreement. So I then asked if he thought it was fun... He replied "it's always been fun."

I laughed out loud. I laughed until my side hurt. I am not sure what I found more amusing... the fact that he thought so, or the fact that I believe the exact same thing or the visual I get when I think of telling someone else all we have been through and how we both think marriage is fun!

Either the Captain really likes me, or brain surgery left him really messed up in his head!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Easy Ryder? Possibly not....

As stated above in the handy dandy baby count down device, I have about 3 months left. And it is a good thing it states how far along I really am...because if you saw me, you wouldn't believe me...

I am big. Getting bigger. On the way to ginormous.

Don't believe me? Well I had a Dr. apt. just last week and I am measuring 4 and a half weeks ahead... go ahead, read that again...
4 & 1/2 weeks people!

I have an ultrasound next Thursday morning to see "how big is this kid?"

Ryder is very active. He kicks and punches and stretches and flips more then I can remember either of my other kids doing. I am torn between loving it and being annoyed by the constant shifting of my midsection... most times, I am both at the same time.
I am starting to get really stoked to see his little face. I ponder out loud to the Captain.. "Will he have hair?" "Will it be dark like Caden or light like Rigg?" "Will he have rolls and chub like his sister or be long and thin like his big brother?" "Will he weigh more then me when he is born or does it just seem like it?"
Then after I sit and think about how much I love him already and how I cannot wait to meet him, I go stiff and silent with fear about having another baby. What were we thinking? How do people take care of two at once? I am already on my way to being known as "the crazy lady married to that ex-con" (for you ,Captain. : P) how will I do it?
Then Ryder kicks my ribs and I get excited all over again...

Maybe this is why I am so tired.

We have decided to keep the nursery as-is and put Rigg into a big boy room.  I am working on getting everything together and will share my design plan as soon as I have pictures and some progress with the project. Know this... you will love it!

But, for now, I will sit, enjoy the baby karate class going on inside my belly and pray that come January I still have my sanity...

This picture makes me laugh...So I thought I would share...

Monday, October 18, 2010

His favorite thing...

 Meet Rufus.
Rufus is Rigg's all time most favoritist thing in all the world.

Rigg and Rufus go everywhere together, that is, when mom and dad allow it.

You see, Rufus used to be a bed time only dog.

However, recently Rigg has been asking very nicely, or whimpering pathetically for his best friend to come along on his many adventures.

How can a mama say no to this face? And really, is there any harm in letting a boy and his dog be together?

Well, the only harm I can find is how sopping wet Rufus gets...really, it is quite gross.

Rigg simply lights up when Rufus is in sight... He then squeals with delight and buries his face in Rufus's side.

Best friends really should do everything together... it helps the bonding process and solidifies the friendship...

Let's just hope Rigg and Rufus have a falling out before High School.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Thursday, October 14, 2010

News worthy

This morning the Captain and I experienced something new... that alone is saying something, huh?

We were interviewed by our local news station reguarding the Captain's false arrest and felony charge... Awesome!

Click here to read the story and see a video.

See my huge pregnant belly? I know they say the camera adds 10 pounds... do you think people will believe the camera adds another person? Oh well...

Monday, October 11, 2010

Oh, Sesame Street, you slay me...

My son loves books. Content is a factor, but not as much of one as size... the bigger the book, the more he will carry it around and want to flip through its mighty pages.

He has a new favorite at our house. It is a Sesame Street pop-up book.

It does seem to be a little advanced for him, as it is now filled with pages of headless Elmo's and armless Grover's.

I try to hide it, but every time I do, someone...Captain... gets it back out...

Yesterday, I was flipping through this massive book with Rigg when I was stopped mid-flip.

The book is about different people in your neighborhood... a fireman, a coach, a librarian, a barber...

On the page about the barber I found this...

Oh, Sesame Street, you slay me...

Thursday, October 7, 2010

I am Cari...


You might not remember me... I am Cari, I write this blog.

My husband informed me, gently, that I have been neglecting my Internet duties.

I am sorry.

Hi, I am Cari...you might not remember me... or know me at all.

I shall now fully introduce myself...

I am Cari.

I am married to the Captain, Andrew... and have been for 6 years.

We have 3 children. Caden, who is waiting for us in Heaven, Rigg who is 15 months old, and Ryder, who is merrily kicking the wahoozits out of my bladder as I type (due in January)

What... you knew all this already? OK, something different...

I am a Cari Anne... only a few people call me this, mainly my Dad, who, incidentally, I call Pop.

I went to school for interior design... I love a project, I love pretty things, I am forever driving the Captain mad with wants to change our surroundings.

I laugh at almost everything... even when others do not think it is funny...

In my mind, I can create better clothes then the contestants on Project Runway.

I am a lover of big, no: HUGE, sunglasses.

I am a "homemaker", this is in quotes because I hate housework with the passion of a thousand fiery suns.

I love to read. I can go through about 4 books a week if they are good and keep my attention. I should not do this because it therefore takes up all of my spare time and my home starts to look like a residence from the show hoarders...

I like to throw things away... the Captain is a keeper... (if you can keep a secret, I will tell you that sometimes, when he is at work, I go on a trashing spree and toss things I know he will never miss... shhh, do not tell him!)

I am a talker....not so much a listener...Because of this trait I was stationed at my second grade teachers desk for a good part of the school year. My mom and teacher both knew it was for inappropriate talking, I thought it was because I was special, did I mention, I am a optimist?

God is still working on me.

I am loud, especially when I am with others who love to talk and laugh. Because of this trait I can be obnoxious...in an endearing way of course.

I ate an absurd amount of cookie dough yesterday, so much in fact, that I baked no cookies because of the lack of remaining dough... sorry Captain.

I have a crazy amount of confidence in things I have never attempted to do. If there is an instruction booklet, a handy reference guide, or it is logically understandable, I will attempt it with the expectation that I can accomplish it...I do know my limits though, there are things I cannot do...

I cannot spell or do math. Spellcheck is my best friend and my husband does not let me near the balance sheet.

I have many wonderful intentions that never come to pass... thank you notes is the highest on the list...the thank you note area of my brain really does resemble a house from Hoarders... next in line is losing weight...ahh, I always mean to, but I have issues with self control and chocolate...

I love pictures, globes and maps.

I enjoy a meal cooked and served by someone else more then one cooked and served by myself, I think I was destined to be rich and waited upon... (this is said with much sarcasim, and a heavey British acceent)

I handle myself well in high pressure situations, I tend to have small meltdowns afterwards.

I was in show choir in high school. I still remember some of the dance moves. I do them when I am alone.

My favorite color might be green, but I do love a good teal, and orange draws my eye like a well placed Cheesecake Factory.

Clothes are my kriptonite. If I had the money, and was not constantly pregnant, I would shop at The Loft and Anthropology, in my mind I want to be classy like a Loft lady and playful like a girl from Anthropology... I settle for clearence at Target, or full price at Target if I am jonsing for a new item.

Maybe one day I will buy a belt again...

I love being pregnant.I feel pretty when I am pregnant.

I get HUGE when Iam pregnat... really, people comment. I get a lot of " I have never seen a woman get so big" I am OK with it.

I love to blog and stalk others blogs. I love reading comments...I hardly ever leave any for others... I am aware how hypocritical that is.

I love being a mama... And since Rigg is up from his nap... I should go.

I am Cari...