Friday, May 9, 2008

Fly Girl

So last night I got to do something I have never done. My friend Jen invited me to take a class with her at her gym (NIFS, National Institute of Fitness and Sports. A really magnificent place, huge, smells like a roller rink...anyway) I met up with her around 6:30 and was pumped and a little nervous because the class we were about to partake in was, are you ready for it...a Hip Hop dance class. That's right folks, I was ready to get down with my bad self (although this phrase may imply that I am a dork...which is debatable, I can shake what my mama gave me with some skill) The class was a hit. I learned how to tick tock, slingshot and I can salt shaker with the best of them now. I also left the little workout room a hot sweaty mess and my face sporting a nice cherry tomato shade of red. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and would love to go back. So here's to all those suburban moms who silently want to shake their tail feathers. Put on a bumpin' beat and get to shakin'!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Bubble Baths and Birthdays

Bath time at Chuck and Mimi's (note: my parents are called Chuck and Mimi, while Mimi is pretty self explanatory I do want to take a moment and explain the fathers name is Allen, he very much does not like the "traditional" names used for Grandfather, ie: Grandpa, papaw, Gramps...and so on. So when asked what he did want to be called, he replied Chuck, not Grandpa Chuck, just Chuck. Now that we are all caught up...) Caden took a bath at Chuck and Mimi's the other day and we snapped some pics. She likes the warm water but has yet to really LOVE bath time. I am sure it will be more enjoyable when she can sit up on her own. I know I will enjoy it more! I also had a good time one night last week and painted her toenails while she was taking a catnap on the couch. Her toes are almost too small to use the brush in the nail polish bottle, it was a bit difficult, but I managed. We got lots of compliments on them. i do think red is her color!

May 2nd was my sister-in-law Graces' birthday. Andy and I went over to Tim and Deb's ( mamaw and papaw) for ice cream cake and presents. It was a good time. We tried to get a cute picture of my nephew Winston with Caden but as you can see it didn't quite work out, maybe next time.

OK, one bad shot, we'll try again.

And again,

and again.
Come on kids, work with me here!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Pretty in Pink

So the other day, just after dinner time, Caden was being super smiley. I whipped out the camera to snap a few pics. She smiles freely when facing another human, but the second she catches a glance of the camera, she glazes over and starts drooling. Drool or no, she's still worth photographing. Thanks to G-ma Barb for the cupcake onsie. It's one of our favs.

Learning French

This past Tuesday Caden and I took our first road trip alone. We traveled to the far away land of Illinois to visit my good friend Michele French. She, her daughter Zoe ( the smiliest baby ever!) and my Friend Jennie ( who drove down from Chicago) had a splendid day just hanging out and sampling some of Michele's wonderful cookin'. Our daughters rolled and played on the rug while we had a chance to chat and catch up. The only thing missing was Julie, without her the "359 girls" were not all there. ( 359 was the dorm room we all lived in at one point in time at Purdue...hence the name)

Caden did very well on the 2hr and 15min drive out and the same on the way back...slept all the way. I, not being able to sleep, rocked out to some U2 and other great driving tunes. Although I am happy to say Julie kept me company, by phone, the 1st half of the drive out. Julie, here are your pictures...we really missed you!
I am sad to say, I neglected to snap a shot of Jennie while I was there. Bad Cari!
Caden and Zoe enjoying the Purdue blanket!