Friday, May 2, 2008

Learning French

This past Tuesday Caden and I took our first road trip alone. We traveled to the far away land of Illinois to visit my good friend Michele French. She, her daughter Zoe ( the smiliest baby ever!) and my Friend Jennie ( who drove down from Chicago) had a splendid day just hanging out and sampling some of Michele's wonderful cookin'. Our daughters rolled and played on the rug while we had a chance to chat and catch up. The only thing missing was Julie, without her the "359 girls" were not all there. ( 359 was the dorm room we all lived in at one point in time at Purdue...hence the name)

Caden did very well on the 2hr and 15min drive out and the same on the way back...slept all the way. I, not being able to sleep, rocked out to some U2 and other great driving tunes. Although I am happy to say Julie kept me company, by phone, the 1st half of the drive out. Julie, here are your pictures...we really missed you!
I am sad to say, I neglected to snap a shot of Jennie while I was there. Bad Cari!
Caden and Zoe enjoying the Purdue blanket!

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chuck said...

Your just jealous because the voices only talk to me.