Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Rasta Girl

The subject of today's blog is threefold...

1. Caden is sitting! I discovered this about a week ago. I sat her up, expecting her to fall on her face, only to find she can sit for 5 min + at a time. How did I not know this before you ask? Well, I have this terrible habit of thinking Caden is too young or too little to do things. Well I am very wrong most of the time, so who knows how long she has been ABLE to sit on her own, I discovered it last week.

2. Caden has 2 teeth. Bottom dwellers. They came in fast and furious and almost at the same time. She is quickly learning to bite and chomp. Things that were once in no real danger other than being gummed are now threatened with cute little bite marks.

3. Our very good friends Sherwin and Julie purchased a very stylin' t-shirt for Caden when she was no more than 2 weeks old. Sherwin, being from Jamaica, is trying to mold all the young minds he knows into a fan following of his Mother Country. So in tribute to our close Jamaican friend, here she is in all her Jamaican glory...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Napping Mishap

Caden is a stellar napper...most days. Today was no different, as far as the time goes...a solid 2 hours. However, when I went to get her out of bed it was hard not to giggle. For, you see, my precious little one had fallen asleep on her hand and it made more than just a little impression. And because I just couldn't help myself, I ran and got the camera. She was not to keen on the photo shoot at first, but as you can see...she rebounded nicely.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Mirror Mirror on the wall...

Caden has found a new love...Herself, in reflection of course. She finds no greater pleasure than sitting across from her own reflection and laughing and smiling. She reaches out many a time to touch that "other baby" and gets slightly confused when there are 2 Mommies. Wierd!

Friday, August 8, 2008