Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Clearly, as usually happens in life, Caden waited 3 hours (after I posted the last blog stating that she can only roll one way) to prove me a liar.
She rolled all the way around. Back to front to back...So just a few short hours after the Dr. wrote down in her file that she cannot roll over...she does.

6 Month update

Caden went to the Dr. this morning for her 6 mo. check-up. I love our Dr. (besides the fact that they all say " how's HE doing?" ~ they just see the name Caden and assume it is a boy...I dress her in vivid pink every time we go....HELLO!) Anyhoo...Our precious baby girl weighed in at just under 18 lbs. That's right folks those cute little rolls are not mere decoration. She is 27 and 1/4 inches long. She is a bit behind on her gross motor skills,like sitting up and rolling over (she can only roll one way, she is not an ambi-roller yet) but the Dr. says that is very common in babies as, um...voluptuous as Caden. Over all she is healthy and happy, well happy until the shots. But as you can see she passed out nicely on the way home.
yes, folks, those are painted toenails...a work of art!

Monday, July 28, 2008

God is SO good

I just thought I would take a few minutes and tell ya'll how good God is. Our air conditioner went out last Friday. We were really bummed because we had just spent some $$ to repair it...well the AC guy told us it was really old (27 years to be exact) and that we should replace it. Well we knew it needed replacing but we were short the funds to do so. We did however have enough to repair it, so that is what we did in hopes that it would last us the rest of the summer, giving us some time to save up for one next year. Well one week later ~ sauna city.
Andy also transferred jobs within the same company. He had the opportunity to sell our second car because he now has a company car. He cleaned it out and scrubbed it up and posted a sign in the window and then parked it in an area it would get a lot of traffic.
He got a few calls of interest, then a few more telling him his car had been vandalized. Windshield busted in, drivers door dented, and the lock looked tampered with.
So we prayed that God would provide...
He came through. We called the insurance company on the car and they wrote a claim for more than we thought, and then Andy was also able to sell it to a kid who really wanted it, even with the brokenness.
So with the selling of the car, and the insurance $$, as well as a great find of a AC man, we can afford to pay for the new AC with cash as well as put some in the bank!
PRAISE GOD. He is SO good.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Splish, Spalsh...

A fun day in the sun was the only goal today. My friend Mindy and her super adorable son Luke met us at Gramma Barbs house to go a' swimmin'. It would have been a great time if Caden actually was having a good time. As soon as she got in the pool...which takes a bit of prep work mind you, she was ready, really ready for a nap. Being the stick it through kinda gal that I am, I tried to keep her in the pool as long as possible before completely giving up and laying her down. She went straight to sleep.
Poor little girl, if only her mother would pay attention when she tells her that she is tired...as you can see, not a happy Caden. However Luke on the other hand...loved the water. What a good boy!
P.S. thanks Chels for the swimwear...your a star!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Please, Sir, may I have some more?

Caden has started solids. Since the beginning of her introduction to the "food world" she has been stellar learner. always ready with an open mouth and very fast. When we started Veggies, I thought she was going to be a picky eater, but after the first day, she seems easy to please, eating those veggies just as quickly as her rice cereal and apple sauce.

Andy and I realized very quickly that Caden is better fed with no clothes on. She sticks her hands in her mouth and then spreads the goop not only all over her face, but on her tummy, on her chair and...under her armpits?
So the mess has commenced, and she loves it, although it does tend to wear out all involved...even Bo.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Shot Through the Heart...

Last weekend the fam and I went down to Dugger to visit Nana and Paw. Our friend Richard went with, and as a special treat to him, we took him shooting for his first time ever. It was a very manly weekend for Richard...it was his first time shooting, fishing, and hanging out with my family, which as anyone who knows us, knows, is a special treat all its own. :)

Richard and his new favorite hobby:) If you look you can see Sara in the background shooting a rifle.

Andy shooting the rifle, which hurt my shoulder and made it all red...I am a wuss what can I say.
Well this is just a fun shot.

Along with the fun gun slinging adventure was a picnic out at the cabin and some great hang out time with family. I love my family and am sad at how little I see some of them. So last weekend was so nice.

My Cousins daughter Cassie took a shine to my dad and loves making Caden smile. Caden of course loves anyone who pays attention to her so she and Cassie are a good pair.
Fishing anyone?
Casin and Caden pause to look at the camera...cute huh?
A couple of Mommy and Me pics