Tuesday, July 29, 2008

6 Month update

Caden went to the Dr. this morning for her 6 mo. check-up. I love our Dr. (besides the fact that they all say " how's HE doing?" ~ they just see the name Caden and assume it is a boy...I dress her in vivid pink every time we go....HELLO!) Anyhoo...Our precious baby girl weighed in at just under 18 lbs. That's right folks those cute little rolls are not mere decoration. She is 27 and 1/4 inches long. She is a bit behind on her gross motor skills,like sitting up and rolling over (she can only roll one way, she is not an ambi-roller yet) but the Dr. says that is very common in babies as, um...voluptuous as Caden. Over all she is healthy and happy, well happy until the shots. But as you can see she passed out nicely on the way home.
yes, folks, those are painted toenails...a work of art!

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