Friday, July 25, 2008

Splish, Spalsh...

A fun day in the sun was the only goal today. My friend Mindy and her super adorable son Luke met us at Gramma Barbs house to go a' swimmin'. It would have been a great time if Caden actually was having a good time. As soon as she got in the pool...which takes a bit of prep work mind you, she was ready, really ready for a nap. Being the stick it through kinda gal that I am, I tried to keep her in the pool as long as possible before completely giving up and laying her down. She went straight to sleep.
Poor little girl, if only her mother would pay attention when she tells her that she is you can see, not a happy Caden. However Luke on the other hand...loved the water. What a good boy!
P.S. thanks Chels for the swimwear...your a star!

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