Saturday, July 5, 2008

Shot Through the Heart...

Last weekend the fam and I went down to Dugger to visit Nana and Paw. Our friend Richard went with, and as a special treat to him, we took him shooting for his first time ever. It was a very manly weekend for was his first time shooting, fishing, and hanging out with my family, which as anyone who knows us, knows, is a special treat all its own. :)

Richard and his new favorite hobby:) If you look you can see Sara in the background shooting a rifle.

Andy shooting the rifle, which hurt my shoulder and made it all red...I am a wuss what can I say.
Well this is just a fun shot.

Along with the fun gun slinging adventure was a picnic out at the cabin and some great hang out time with family. I love my family and am sad at how little I see some of them. So last weekend was so nice.

My Cousins daughter Cassie took a shine to my dad and loves making Caden smile. Caden of course loves anyone who pays attention to her so she and Cassie are a good pair.
Fishing anyone?
Casin and Caden pause to look at the camera...cute huh?
A couple of Mommy and Me pics

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Extraordinary Ordinary Life said...

Hilarious! I so love the first picture. It is awesome!