Monday, July 28, 2008

God is SO good

I just thought I would take a few minutes and tell ya'll how good God is. Our air conditioner went out last Friday. We were really bummed because we had just spent some $$ to repair it...well the AC guy told us it was really old (27 years to be exact) and that we should replace it. Well we knew it needed replacing but we were short the funds to do so. We did however have enough to repair it, so that is what we did in hopes that it would last us the rest of the summer, giving us some time to save up for one next year. Well one week later ~ sauna city.
Andy also transferred jobs within the same company. He had the opportunity to sell our second car because he now has a company car. He cleaned it out and scrubbed it up and posted a sign in the window and then parked it in an area it would get a lot of traffic.
He got a few calls of interest, then a few more telling him his car had been vandalized. Windshield busted in, drivers door dented, and the lock looked tampered with.
So we prayed that God would provide...
He came through. We called the insurance company on the car and they wrote a claim for more than we thought, and then Andy was also able to sell it to a kid who really wanted it, even with the brokenness.
So with the selling of the car, and the insurance $$, as well as a great find of a AC man, we can afford to pay for the new AC with cash as well as put some in the bank!
PRAISE GOD. He is SO good.

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