Friday, May 9, 2008

Fly Girl

So last night I got to do something I have never done. My friend Jen invited me to take a class with her at her gym (NIFS, National Institute of Fitness and Sports. A really magnificent place, huge, smells like a roller rink...anyway) I met up with her around 6:30 and was pumped and a little nervous because the class we were about to partake in was, are you ready for it...a Hip Hop dance class. That's right folks, I was ready to get down with my bad self (although this phrase may imply that I am a dork...which is debatable, I can shake what my mama gave me with some skill) The class was a hit. I learned how to tick tock, slingshot and I can salt shaker with the best of them now. I also left the little workout room a hot sweaty mess and my face sporting a nice cherry tomato shade of red. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and would love to go back. So here's to all those suburban moms who silently want to shake their tail feathers. Put on a bumpin' beat and get to shakin'!


chuck said...

Life may not be the party you expected, but while you are there you might as well dance

jennifer said...

Ha, ha, loved the message too. I can just see you shaking your groove thang :) I do want more posts, I'm having Caden withdrawals!