Sunday, October 24, 2010

He must really like me

A friend called me a week or so ago and asked me to describe my first year of marriage. The first words that came to mind were easy and fun. I went on to tell here why I thought so. We chatted for awhile and then she had to go, but I kept thinking about it.

A couple of nights later I asked the Captain the same question. He said it was easy... so I told him my response. He just nodded in agreement. So I then asked if he thought it was fun... He replied "it's always been fun."

I laughed out loud. I laughed until my side hurt. I am not sure what I found more amusing... the fact that he thought so, or the fact that I believe the exact same thing or the visual I get when I think of telling someone else all we have been through and how we both think marriage is fun!

Either the Captain really likes me, or brain surgery left him really messed up in his head!


Katie said...

I think he really likes you. :-)

sabo family said...

What an amazing testiment to who you are as a couple and as people if you can say that marriage has been fun (or easy) considering everything that your marriage has had to endure.