Thursday, July 15, 2010


I find that the more I live, the more I encounter, the more God reveals Himself to me and the more He brings me through and saves me from... the more I understand, really understand, scriptures and biblical principals. They not only sound pretty or are "rainy day" standbys, they are truths that I have built my life and faith upon.
Words and ideas I not only cling to in hope, but words I know to be as true and as unshakable as any sturdy foundation.

It hits me sometimes not just in scriptures, but in certain songs. The blazing truth of what God has done for me and how much I can trust Him. The sheer awesomeness of who He is and what He has proven to me by His faithfulness.

When this song first came out, it was one of those songs that touched my heart in a deep place. A song that not only stirred up memories, but one I wanted to share with people and say... hear this... It is so true! I realized that the one person I wanted to know the truth of these words the most was the one person I knew couldn't really understand them... my son. ( he is only 1!)

So I started praying for him. I have long been praying for his salvation, but I added to my list. I added that Rigg would know God so well, that he would trust Him in times of great trouble and need. That Rigg would know without a doubt that God would always have his best at heart...even when Rigg could not see it...because this is what God has taught me...
I want Rigg to know, If I am not there, or if anything were to ever happen to me or his daddy, that God loves him and cares for him...better then even we could. I want Rigg to know he is safe in His arms.

I call this song me and Rigg's song...because I sing it to him all the time. He seems to enjoy it, I just hope as he grows, he memorizes the words...but more importantly, I hope he memorizes the principal...that he is always safe in His arms.

(please pause the music at the bottom of the page before listening to the song)

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Rebecca said...

I had never heard this song before... I love it. Thanks for sharing your heart and the song Cari! :)