Monday, May 11, 2009


I am feeling slightly overwhelmed. This is such a broad statement, I bet many of you are what areas is this charming young lady feeling such discontent? Well, since you asked, I will share.

My house is running away from me with mess all over it! Kitchen needs cleaned(bleached is more like) and the whole house needs a good "pick -up and put away" session. My bedroom has become a dumping ground for all that is to be hidden from the world...because we know how much the world comes to call at my door. I am still stuck with the scads of baby Rigg paraphernalia in the what room is in order? you ask...none of them. This could be the reason for the overwhelmed feeling mentioned above.

I still have a fair amount to do on my list (of things to do before baby comes). The armoir has been moved (thank you Nate and Mark) and Riggs room painted, (again, thanks to Nate and Mark) I have put a new clothes bar in my closet...and closets have been moved, well the clothes have been moved around...(Thanks Cristi!) Andy and I have started the stripes in Riggs room, but are not yet finished. I have a dear friend who has offered (and I accepted) to sew up the fun floor pillows for Riggs room.(thanks Joyce)
I have laundry to do.
I have a bible study to finish.
I have groceries to put away.
I have lunch and dinner to make.
I have to sit and prop my feet up, because, lets face it...I am tired already and all I have done is list the things that need to be done.

My to do list is overwhelming today.

Let us take a min, and thank the Lord that I married a man that understands, and lets things slide. Some of this will be done when he gets home...but most of it will not. And he will not complain, or even mention it..I love him!

When I was at the store this morning I kept has been a long time since I was at the grocery during the day...a really LONG TIME!
I passed the cashier I used to go to every Tuesday morning with Caden. She would always smile and talk to me and Caden...I rushed past and tried not to cry. Then I went to the baby section to view the pacifier section. (I have this slightly insane habit of matching the babies pacifiers to their outfit...Caden had something like 12 pacifiers in all different colors and she would use the one most suited to the outfit we had picked out that morning...I mean come is their only should match!) I am looking for a red one for Rigg...I already have blue (navy,dark and light) white, orange, green and even some with His name on them...I would like a red one, but the only ones I find ( I like the MAM brand) are girly ones. Anyhoo...long tangent later....I passed the diapers and baby food and remembered coming to the store and chatting with Caden about what kinda food she would want...I ran out of this section of the store trying not to the overwhelmed feeling followed me there too. Hard questions are always answered at the checkout counter when they ever so kindly ask if this (gesturing to my 45" waist) is my first old is your other?...she was 8 mo.s...was?...

you get the picture.

Some days the store overwhelms me.

Some days I go back and read my old posts...just so I can remember what I said. I re-read the comments, and when I want to lose myself in the ever-expanding world wide web, I check out all of your blogs. I am continually blown away with how many of you not only leave me a wonderful comment about praying for me, but post about my family on your blog asking others for prayer...I My family?...really? Incredible. Thank you does not seem enough.

Some days the body of Christ overwhelms me.

Incidentally if I could ever return the favor...please let me. I would love to pray for you and your family. Leave a prayer request in comment form, or send me an email. I would be honored.

P.S. Leah...I LOVED seeing you in the store are not one of the people I dread seeing. You are always a joy!


Krista Lynn said...

thanks for the belated birthday wishes, cari! i keep thinkin' about you - at random times too! and will continue to pray for you!!
I hope you had a very blessed Mother's Day & that your week is productive - don't overdue it though!
Much love & many prayers,

Just Me - The Champion said...

Cari, When I started reading your blog today...I could competely relate. My home looks like a tornado shot through it and this morning I was thinking. I know at some point I had at least one room picked up... when did this all happen and how am I going to get it all picked up before my daughter's birthday party on Saturday? Then I continued on to read about something that would so basic for most... a trip to the grocery store and learn the "tough part" about what you are going through. People at the grocery store, memories of your precious Caden, special times with her Mommy. Forget my house, forget my mess, forget my whining, even my own prayer requests and thoughts of being overwhelmed. The tears I cry for you and your story and your burdens to be lifted to the Lord are an AMAZING opportunity. I consider it an honor to pray for you and your family. God is so so close to your heart, he has you and Rigg and Captain tucked safely beneath his wing... loving you and showing you his love. I'm sorry some days are so overwhelming. So if your going to pray for me... give praise to a God who gives me this awesome heart for prayer and that I am able to understand the power of prayer and how he unmeasurably works for the good in our lives. Still praying... lv, jen

Justin said...


Mary @ A Productive Endeavor said...

I have lots to clean too, especially the official spring cleaning. So I am taking a room a day. Today is the kitchen. I find myself more focused this way and will get what I can done. Then move on to the next room tomorrow. A simple idea I learned from someone to possibly help you as you struggle today.

Sarah Kim said...

Still praying for your family-our prayer request-We feel the Lord moving us in some distinct areas of our life, prayer that He would make it obvious when and what direction we should be moving and in what areas He wants us to wait.

Ashley said...

I am praying for you today, although we don't know each other. You are an inspiration and I appreciate how genuine and honest you are. I hope you have a chance to rest your head, your feet, and your heart this afternoon/evening. Hang in there...

Sallye said...


Still praying for you and the Captain. I can not even begin to imagine the depth of your sorrow. Please know that we are here praying for you and in our own ways helping you to bear this burden.

I have to tell you that you probably need to speak to the cashier that you and Caden always used and spoke to. She needs to express her sympathy, and if she doesn't know she needs to. I know this sounds hard, but this is part of the bearing one another's burdens.

Can't wait to see pictures of the nursery when it is done, hopefully before Riggs moves in if not, just give him a brush and let him help.

You are doing just exactly what you are suppose to be doing, in exactly the time frame that God has called you to do it in.

Know that if you were mine, I would be blessed to call you daughter.


The Anderson's said...

I take it your mom gave you the card! That hug was sooo overdue! Anytime you need someone to chat with and clean your me! I LOVE TO CLEAN!'s quite an obsession when I have the time! My husband thinks I am crazy because I am such a neat/tidy freak and I am one of those weird people that has to make the bed before I go to work even when no one is going to be at our house.
I think you should put your feet up; Rigg will need a rested momma here before you know it!


Princess Heather said...

I continue to pray for you. I love your honesty. I will take you up on your offer of prayer. We have testing this week for Seth as a follow up to his recent Autism diagnosis. Please pray that we get answers we need so we can get Seth all the help he needs! Thanks!

jo said...

Don't worry about the "mess". Take care of yourself and spending time in prayer for others is a great way to feel better. But for you, I pray for healing and memories to always be strong. You will discover the perfect way to answer all "those questions" from strangers. I say, two wonderful children live with me and one is with God waiting for our reunion. But if it is a tough day and you find you just don't want to go there with a stranger, that is ok too. Your sweet girl understands.
Rejoicing with anticipation for your family!!

Anonymous said...

I got connected to your blog through another. Your family is near and dear to my heart. We lost a little girl 8 1/2 years ago. I remember the feelings that you are experiencing. Take heart that God IS good and will see you through this. He gives us the gift of time which makes these experiences easier. It is hard to believe now, but as time goes on, you will be able to remember the wonderful experiences you had with your daughter with a smile instead of tears. May God continue to bless your lives.

A. White