Wednesday, May 20, 2009

wouldn't ya like to know

Thanks to all who love the nursery...I do too, but it is so much fun to get positive feedback...especially since it is so -unbabyish-

For all those who asked I bought the wall decal off of It is a vinyl wall decal. I painted the white square behind it, so it is just the orange and brown colors. It might be my favorite thing about Rigg's room.
The idea spurred from the stop sign. I knew my dad had it, and I wanted to use how do you put an old faded stop sign in a baby's room...well get a bunch of other old signage and throw it all together...a "car and truck" flavored theme without actually being a theme. You see, I am anti-theme for a is just not me.

In other news. The captain and I went to see his oncologist on Monday. The type of tumor Andy has responds well to chemo, so the Dr. recommends Andy take 6 months of it. More of a preemptive strike or an error on the side of caution deal...if there are any tumor cells remaining, this should do them in. At least that is the goal. So I think the captain is leaning toward taking it. We talked about all of the risks and side effects with the Dr. and we feel comfortable we can make a wise decision. Andy wants to think and pray about it til the weekend...but I think he is leaning toward taking the chemo.

So if that is the case, we will have a baby while Andy is undergoing chemo treatments. This is not the kind of intravenous, aggressive chemo most people think of. It is a pill taken at bedtime for 5 days in a row, once a month. He should be able to go to work and do most things he normally would do. He will feel nauseous and tired for a week, then back to normal until his next round. So please pray we make the wise decision.

We see Andy's neurosurgeon this Thursday morning...I guess that would be tomorrow...where are the days going? It is just a check up...we should not be getting any new news in this area. However, I do love the captain's surgeon...So we are excited just to go and see his face again...and so I can thank him for the 7 billionth time in a row for being so wonderful as to not damage or destroy my husbands brain...ahh, blessed man!

Incidentally....have ya'll paid attention to the number of days I have left until Rigg is here? 37!!! 37!!! I silently freaked out yesterday when I noticed the number...then I quickly became depressed for how much smaller that number is than my be skinny again, or at least to not cringe when I know I will have to bend over and pick something up...or stand up, or sit down, or have to pee again...really, you name it, it hurts when I do it. To be pain day, one day.

So there you are for the "all you really ever wanted to know but really didn't" about the Chastain's...however, since I did get an, how shall I put it, reprimand, from a friend about not posting news so she would know. I thought it best to keep ya'll updated.

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Sallye said...

Cari and Captain,

I am praying with you about doing the pill chemo. You might want to think about asking your Dr for people that have gone this route, and speak with them, helps to give you some insight. Believe it or not, most will be more than willing to share their experiences.

How does Rigg feel about older women? Have grand-daughter that will be a month tomorrow that we could just do a betrothal on and get it over with.

I pray that at 24 years of age that Riggs will be like my Tanner, a little out there, in a good kind of way. Still figuring out what he wants out of life. A virgin that finally told the woman of his dreams that she is the first girl he has ever kissed. Now that's a gift from God.