Friday, May 8, 2009

Always my Mama

In Honor of the special day that awaits all mothers and mothers to be...a little about my mom.

She is always in Heels. I suppose she feels the need because she is only just five feet tall…on a good day. Her red hair has always made her stand out from a crowd (which, I am certain she is ever so pleased about!) as well as her outgoing, effervescent personality. She is always on the move. If the pace is not 120 miles an hour, than we are moving a bit too slowly. Even with an inseam of 23” I have to semi-run to keep up with the clickity-clack of the heels when walking beside her. And let me tell you…my legs are a lot longer than hers. Loquacious is a good word to use for her, well, love of the spoken word. If there is a silence, and she is around, it will not stand a chance. She will beat the silence to death until someone restrains her…but this is a trait I would not ever change…possibly because I too love to talk. High-strung would be a word often used to describe her…but in the best possible way you can use that word. She LOVES her children…She needed about 10 more. So she adopted them from her daughters friends and made them hers. When said adopted children get married, have kids of their own, or go through a hard time…she cries like it is her own baby. Speaking of crying…she does this a lot. Sometimes it is because she is sad. But she also cries when she is mad, hurt, frustrated, touched, confused, happy, at commercials…songs…worship in Church…a hug from a friend. The woman has more liquid contained in her small body than one would think…maybe an overactive tear duct or two as well. Her emotions are a defining characteristic of her life…a reason people love her so much…as well as stare at her like she is a “crazy lady”. A trait that has recently been discovered to be contagious. She is creative, always looking for a way to use something in a new way…because heaven forbid we throw it away. She is resourceful. Always there when she is needed, even if she has to seriously rearrange her schedule. A tender heart that is easily moved, as said before, to tears by someone’s story…a comfort and encourager if I ever saw one. She has recently developed a new characteristic of being a tiny rock under pressure…a characteristic I see becoming stronger and stronger. She inspires many, loves more and desires to excel in all areas, even at the cost of sleep…who needs sleep at 3 am when QVC is selling beautiful jewelry and the sofa would surely look better on the opposite side of the room?
Always moving.
Always helping.
Always loving.
Always my Mama.


SMD said...

This is so sweet~!

Happy Mother's Day to you. I find so many things about you to be inspiring and in many small ways it helps me to be a better mom. Thank you~!

Tea With Tiffany said...

Happy Mother's Day!

kelli said...

I know I love Tricia! I am so glad she is Joe's godmother so that I could get to know her. She is absolutely everything you described and more!

Happy Mother's Day!

Just Me - The Champion said...

Cari, I love your description of your Mom... she sounds like a fun lady. Someone who lights up a room. I love "crazy" energetic whilrwhind Moms... I grew up with one and enjoyed her energy, her life the joy and smile she brought to the faces of others. They don't blend in the crowd.. they are special.. created to shine the light of God to all around them. God bless you this Mother's Day and God bless your Mom. peace to you, Jen

Anonymous said...

A perfect description of my little redheaded friend!! b