Thursday, December 3, 2009

Return to Kokomo

For those of you who have been around since I started this blog you may remember this post.
This past Monday, we did it again...a road trip to visit friends...
When I was 5, I met my best friend. She still is. Only 2 years ago she moved away...BOO! So, because I used to see her about 2 times a week and now I only get to see her about 2 times every few months, I took Rigg on a road trip to visit Aunt Stacey.

We had a good time...Rigg was excellent, as always.

It was so nice to chat and catch up with Stace, I miss her being around, but good friends are good friends no matter the distance.

Her son Aiden, who is adorable, loved on Rigg for a minute.

I caught a kiss on film...

it reminded me of this kiss, which is one of my all time favorite pictures.

You may notice I post a lot of pics of Caden in this shirt...they were all taken one day a month or so before she died while we were visiting Stacey. They bring back such good memories, I am so thankful we had that day and Stacey was able to really meet and enjoy Caden for a few short hours.

Stacey also has a beautiful baby girl. While I was there I snatched her up and snuggled her.

She also got a big kick out of Rigg and tried to feed him a worries, it was a toy, and he did not seem to be hungery.

Thanks for the fun day Stace...we will do it again soon!


Penny said...

Old friends are the best friends! I have known mine for 32 years, since we met in 7th grade. She lives 6 houses down the street, but I am the one moving next summer and we will be 5 hours apart! It's gonna be rough.
BTW You and Stacey both have beautiful children!!! =)

Stacey said...

First off...thank you Penny. Secondly....thanks for making the trip up Cari! I love ya and am so thankful for you. I thoroughly enjoyed our day together. Best friends are a blessing from the Lord for sure! And you are welcome to come up again whenever your little heart desires (as long as you bring your camera because I just love the pics!) :)

Anonymous said...

Love those kisses! Love those girls! And love those babies - all four of them!! gma b (aka: mama b)