Sunday, December 6, 2009


You might notice, or have been incredibly annoyed by the fact, that I change my background on this blog often.

I am usually a change-it-up kinda gal. I always want to repaint, or reupholster or re-do something within arms's part of my creative nature. I want to take something and make it my own.

However, when it comes to this blog, I would love to have a more permanent background. I am not sure where this desire springs from, seeing as how I usually love a change. But for some reason, here, I want to have continuity, I want it to be recognizable...I want what I cannot have. Why? Because I have found, in all of my searching through the free blog backgrounds, nothing that I love.

And I know why it is. I want to do it myself.

I do not know how.

I have great ideas...but I do not want to download programs, or figure out how to do it.

The only another to do my bidding.

And I am not gonna shell out the cash.

So because I cannot find a background I love to save my life...I leave you with the newest standby.

Because it is Christmastime and all.....


Katy said...

this one's cute :)

Rebecca said...

I like that you switch it. :) But I understand wanting something exactly a certain way.

I like the Christmas theme. It is very cheerful.

sabo family said...

I like the switch-a-roos too. I particularly love this Christmas background. So festive!

Anonymous said...

Check out Andrea's tutorial on her blog. I don't have a blog, but can't wait to start one and use this. By the way, I love your blog and your from the heart sharings of your precious angel, Caden. And, Rigg...what can I say. He's absolutely adorable!

Heidi @ Indy Photography said...

Hey, I'm with you. I like switching things up!