Thursday, December 10, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like


So I put up my Christmas decorations today whilst the boys were down for their naps. I know, you might be thinking it is a tish bit late to be putting up the tree and all the trimmings, but only just. You see, when I married the Captain, he told me his Grandpa, who passed away just before we started dating, always said to wait until after Pearl Harbor Day to decorate for Christmas. So, in honor of the Captain's Grandpa...we wait. So we are only a few days late.
Oh, I do love the Christmas decor! We have a great fireplace for garland and the cutest Charlie Brown tree.
I decorate in all gold...what do you do?

ps. you see the gold aspen leaf? A present to myself from our vacation to Colorado a few years ago!


Patty said...

I love your gold decorations! I decorate in all silver! I should take pics of my decorations and post soon. I love your personalized ornaments - your Christmas tree and decorations look very comforting and cozy!

Tiffany said...

Wow! What beautiful decor! And it all matches! Simply beautiful... and I think Jen & I may have to conspire to find you more CO themed decorations.

Penny said...

Beautiful! Love the leaf--- so intricate! I have the same angel as Caden from when I was a little girl. My aunt had my name engraved on mine, too. =)
Oh and Rigg's big rig is really cute, also.

Barb said...

I knew you have always been a girl after my own heart - gold of course,!! With millions (well not really) of white snowflakes crocheted by my mom, and a few sprigs of red berries tucked in the branches!! mama b

katherine said...

love the photos!

Just Me - The Champion said...

Wow. How cool was it that you put a little note to me in your blog?!? What an awesome Christmas present! Your pictures are beautiful. Your taste is amazing and I LOVE the gold decorations. I smiled when I saw the Caden's angel ornament and Rigg's semi truck. You are such a great Mom. Tiff is right I'd love to conspire to provide you with more Colorado home items. BUT... I think you and Captain and your boy need to get out here and Tiff and I can take you shopping on main street to find things you LOVE. (I'm just sayin...) :) I have not put up decorations yet. I am such a slacker. But I am doing it next week and they will stay up most likely until the 1st week in January. love you girlfriend, that aspend leaf is beautiful. Peace! jen

Bethany said...

Beautiful! I need your help in my house. I so want a fireplace with a mantel to decorate. :)

It's really neat you wait in honor of Andy's Grandpa. I had never heard of doing that before.