Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Way down in Kokomo...

Today I went UP to Kokomo to visit Stacey. Caden and I had a bang-up good time. We went for a walk in the park and had a fantastic lunch, and Caden played with Aiden's toys. It was great to see Stace, who is having a baby girl in January. :) She moved away from me this past February and I miss her (as Genie in Aladdin puts it) muy much! I have decided that Aiden is going to be a stellar big brother because of all the lovin' he did on Caden. He gave her a kiss,
helped feed her her bottle, gave her her pacifier and shared her puffs...he also sat on her one time...but that is not the point! Caden thought he was the coolest thing since well, since puffs which up until today were her favorite thing. Now I think it is a little boy from Kokomo named Aiden. Thanks for the great day Salsberys! We will do it again soon.

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