Thursday, September 11, 2008

And the Award goes to...

Ok, so I cannot believe I am admitting this online where everyone who knows me can see it...but because of 4 or 5 or 274 excuses I could name I neglected to clean my kitchen for the past 2 (or 3) days. Now some of you may be saying, oh Cari, that is ok. To which my response will clearly be "Honey, Have you seen my home? I do not have, a dishwasher...strike that, I am my dishwasher. I have a teeny, tiny, ity,bitty little kichen with an even smaller amount of counter space. You skip the dish detail for a day and see what kind of mayhem rears its ugly head." ANYWHOO...the mess OVERWHELMED my teeny, tiny,ity,bitty little kitchen and me...I was dreading cleaning it. I was gone with little bit all day and my mind kept traveling back to the mess. I get home with bags, baby and dinner in tow to find MY MOST WONDERFUL HUSBAND CLEANED THE KITCHEN.

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