Friday, June 26, 2009

A little about the Big Rigg

So the little man still has jaundice. But we have him on the Billi Blanket and his numbers are slowly going down, so all we need is just time and patience on my part.

He is so new, just a little guy, and yet he is already showing some of who God made him to be. He is a quiet little guy. He hardly ever cries. When he is awake he looks so pensive, just soaking it all in. He loves his hands to be by or on his face at all times. I tried to tell him if this is a habit that persists, he will have oil issues that may result in acne later...he does not seem to care.

He is still sleeping an awful lot...but that is just being so little and having some jaundice. He is sleeping really well at night...I am having to wake him for feedings and he is still going back down fast asleep. I have been getting about 7 hours of sleep a night...broken up in increments of 3 hours or so, of course.

We gave him his first bath last night. He fussed a little but no really heavy cries, although some pics look like it. He smelled lovely afterwards. he still has his umbilical cord, but hopefully not for long so I can kiss his little belly to pieces.

He is, I think, slowly gaining his weight back. I am shoving food down his throat unmercifully. Fat babes is what we like.

I have been struggling with small is all worry and therefore lack of trust in God....I am praying and working on it. It is small things, like, is he too warm for sleeping, is he still breathing when I am not watching, does the eye rolling mean anything, newborn twitches make me nervous and I watch him more closely then I had been...things that I cannot do anything about anyway...I pray every night before I fall asleep for God to calm my anxious heart and watch over my baby. I know some of this is normal mother stuff...but some of this is new to me, I never worried as much with Caden. I long to rest comfortably in the Lords will and let Him be in control. But every time I turn around I am trying to yank the wheel from his hands. I look down see my hands gripping, knuckles white and have to force myself to let go...maybe I should try sitting on them...:) that is what my mom would have me do when I was talking too much...I am a hand talker, hard to come up with good conversation without moving your hands.

I was thinking to day that ever since he has arrived I have not felt that it has been a huge change. Maybe because I was taking care of my baby cousin for a few months now, but I think it is more than that. We had his name picked out so early, it was as if we were getting to know him already. It is like meeting a pen pal for the first time. you know they even know some about them. But when you meet them for the first time, you automatically know more, see who they are and what their mannerisms are like. We love him and love having him around, he has been a part of our family for months, he fit in at first sight.

Thanks for all the prayers for us and my family. Good days and bad have been and will continue to be, bu we have hope that this too shall pass and one day our whole family will be together. Until then we will enjoy the abundant blessing God has given us and praise Him who is worthy.


Angie G said...

Try not to be too hard on yourself, Cari. God also understands where your worries are coming from. I've been praying everyday for your worrying, b/c I know you worried about the worrying before Rigg arrived. Don't be like your friend, Angie. :) It will pass and very, very soon you will settle into a pattern of comfort. I know it. I want to cuddle him again soon...last day of work today, so I'll be calling soon for a session (with Rigg, not you - unless you want a cuddle). :) Lots of love!

Angie G said...

You look great, by the way!

Just Me - The Champion said...

Thanks for the update. I am honored that we get these cool notifications of how you guys are doing... plus great pics as well! Anxiousness, worry, concern, gripping your fists tightly so as to have control over this situation seems pretty normal to me. God has given you an awesome "Mommy" heart for your children and god is pleased with you regardless. He claps for you each night and is cheering you on. I pray for joy and peace for you. Joy despite the circumstances and peace in your heart. Your a great Mom and Captain is an awesome Daddy. Keep up the great work. Sometimes so I was able to hold them more, I would keep the Glow worm blankets on.. and just sleep in the rocker with them overnight. I slept horribly but the snuggle was worth it. :) You guys are awesome! - jen

Christina said...

I don't think I've said it yet, but Congratulations on baby Rigg!

I absolutely love that first picture of him with his hand on his face...that is priceless.

Take care and enjoy getting to know this precious new little life.

Christina in Indiana

Kate said...

Rigg sounds like a pretty easy baby. Cari, you look great! Continuing to pray for your family.

kelli and joe sabo said...

Hey Cari! We are down in Florida and so I just got on your blog this morning to see the news. Congrats!! Rigg is just so handsome and you (and Andy) both look fantastic. We are glad to hear that for the most part all is going well--that jaundice will go away eventually :).

Love to all!

Princess Heather said...

I just love that picture of Big Rigg with his hand on his face. That's so sweet. We had a little boy that we fostered that slept like that and it just melted my heart. He is indeed precious! I'm praying for you, for peace and to be less worried or anxious. God is so faithful isn't He?!

Beck said...

Cari, I haven't forgotten about you! I came running over to see you here once we got home from vacation. Oh my. Rigg is a beautiful baby. I have to tell you that we used to call my daughter's hands "Magic Hands" because she kept them swept sooo close to her face at.all.times. Ah Youth. How little they know of the dreaded acne.

Still praying over you guys!

Sue said...

Rigg is beautiful and I love his little hand on his face. I am going to pray for peace for you. I think it is understandable that you feel this way right now, but I know that you are trusting God and know that He is in control. You do look great!!! I'm happy that you are resting while he is sleeping. Love reading your updates.

Amber McGaha said...

I am home from vacation and the number one thing on my list was to check this blog to see Rigg!!! He is a doll and looks just like Captain as far as I can see! I am so happy for you guys and happy he is doing so well! 2 out of the four babies I have had jaundice and it can be a little scary but it goes away, just takes time. You guys look great and I am still praying for you and your beautiful family!
I love you that you keep us so updated :)

Penny said...

I really do think Rigg is going to look more like Andy, but Caden's picture looks like you. =) Babies change so much, so quickly. He could end up looking like his mommy. Either way, he's beautiful!