Sunday, June 7, 2009


Just in case you thought I have been over exaggerating my ginormous mid-section. I give you this.
A lovely pic of my belly with a dollop of precious baby girl on the side...She and Rigg should get along nicely, at least they played well together today!

I spent the afternoon with friends, who are really more like family. This is the baby girl of my oldest (by oldest, I mean I have known her the longest...not that she is the most elderly friend I possess...) friend, Stacey, whom I have known for over 21 years...and she still likes me!


Kalie said...

Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are big!!!!!!!!!!!! Post more pic's Cari!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At least, if you want to:-)

Tina said...

You still look great!!

JASON said...

You are beautiful! Must be a big baby boy in that belly! Can't wait to hear when the big day is!

*Leah Anderson

Sallye said...

You are beautiful. What a precious picture.


Anonymous said...

A picture of two of my favorite girls (there are a few others on that list with you)!! And being Stacey's Mom I guess that makes me about your oldest friend in two ways!! We had fun, thanks for hanging out with us! b