Monday, June 8, 2009

Nothing ever works out as planned

So, I called my Dr.s office this morning to see about the induction date...She is in surgery today...and is not scheduled back into the office until Wednesday. Although her med. asst. told me that my chart is on her desk and if the Doc calls in today she will ask her....SO...I may have to wait a few more days. Oh well, I have waited almost 38 weeks...I can wait a couple of days right? SHESH!

I had planned on coming right home from dropping the captain off at work and getting started on my to-do list...and here I sit.

I am tired, and sore, and yet, it is almost impossible to get comfortable enough to get good sleep. I get about 45 min to an hour before I wake and have to either 1. turn over 2. go to the bathroom 3. get something to drink ( I am SO thirsty!) or 4. just lay there wide awake and uncomfortable. I wait for the clock to tell me it is time to get up, only to get up and wish I could lay down and sleep...the last 3 weeks of pregnancy are rough...especially if you are the size of a baby elephant.

What should I be doing now...anything but sitting here and just talking (typing?) about what I should be doing. I asked Andy this morning if the maid was scheduled to come today because our house needs cleaning...he rolled his eyes and pointed out she will be home all day...I hate being the maid. I like it much better when I am the decorator, or the sit back and enjoy that the work is done-er. Today I need to be the maid, I am sure my husband would be very grateful if I became the cook later too...ahhh, a housewife's work is never done.

OK, enough gabbing...I cannot believe you kept me here as long as you did...shame on you, or me...OK I'll except the blame this time...Time to clean! Wish me luck.

UPDATE: I was able to clean out the bathroom closet, clean and put baby bath stuff on new "open" shelf and throw many things away. I did some rearranging and organizing of things in Rigg's room, the captain brought in the freshly painted table and i got my shoes and stuff out of his closet. I put said shoes in proper place in my closet, as well as 2 loads of laundry, dinner and dinner for a friend...I cleaned the kitchen twice. I did have time for a 45 min nap and a frozen snickers bar, thankyouverymuch. All this while watching my 5 month old cousin...I think tomorrow is a day of rest!


Just Me - The Champion said...

Cari, I can relate entirely. I was just telling BK last night, that I wish my hips didn't hurt so much that I could lay comfortably on my stomach or my back. His response: only 37 more days.... :) it made me laugh because it did not make me feel better! ha! I'm psyched for your induction. You get to meet your Rigg soon! His nursery is set, your ready... may he bring you nothing but pure joy. And as for what you have to... then bust out the oreos, pop in a movie and enjoy yourself. You deserve it! :) -jen

Christina said...

Hi there! I've been reading your blog for a while now and have been really impressed with how you are handling so many challenges while pregnant.

I can totally relate to today's post however as I could have written it myself. I'm 35.5 weeks pregnant with my second and CANNOT WAIT TO BE DONE!! I am dealing with a cold/allergies which, in addition to the normal discomforts, keep me from sleeping. It's like a cruel joke that the final weeks you COULD sleep before a newborn, you CAN'T.

Anyhow, on all these sleepless nights, take comfort in knowing that you are not alone. (And yes, if you could see my house, you would feel better about yours...I guarantee it!)

Christina in Indiana

Gretchen said...

Well, here I sit reading your blog and I also have a seriously long to do list. I need to clean the bathrooms and various other things, but I am not completely motivated. I do wish you good luck today. Keep us posted on the progress.

Shel said...

Hi Car. Aren't you proud I am finally commenting!? (because i too am avoiding housework, but cannot claim to be resting on account of growing a baby as you can! im just lazy.) thanks for sharing your thoughts so I can follow along from afar. would rather be next door to you, but alas...we love you guys.

Heidi @ Indy Photography said...

I'm crazy sore as well. I'm obviously not nearly as pregnant as you in THIS pregnancy, but all things considered, I've been pregnant twice as long as you, so there!

We just got back from an 11-day trip and I can tell you I am FAR from motivated to do much of anything but SIT.

Hope your cleaning goes well! I can't wait to hear when the induction will be! Oh, and one more thing...

Your tiny picture in your last post just doesn't do your bulging stomach justice! Post a bigger one! LOL.


Krista said...

just wanted you to know that as you get closer to having Rigg, I'm getting closer to being married (5 more days!) I promise to post pictures soon! and just know... I'm praying for you! I think you look beautiful - I love pregnant women! I honestly think they are a beautiful gift from God! Anyways! Happy Monday!
~Krista from sunny Seattle

Penny said...

I went the longest with my third, born 1 day before the original due date. I only gained 32 lbs. but she weighed 9 lbs., so I do know how tired and uncomfortable it gets. And what happens when you sneeze, cough, laugh hard, etc. =)
Congrats on all your "nesting" today. You've accomplished WAY more today than I have and I am NOT pg. That 9 pounder I mentioned is now 17 years old. :0

Julie said...

wow cari...that picture of you...looks quite uncomfortable. No wonder you are in pain. I always have had this "fantasy" that when I'm pregnant I'll be able to run a 1/2 marathon or case you are thinking about it please don't try. (wink)

As I was reading your blog I came upon the "Who's lookin" Live traffic feed and saw that someone from Rochester, NY was looking at the blog. Sadly my reaction was, "Wow, someone from Rochester is looking at her blog!!!!"....sigh.

Big hug - can't wait for Rigg to arrive!!!