Monday, November 30, 2009

Photos of Thanks

Rigg's first Thanksgiving went very well. We had a great time with our families. Which is very easy to do when you have great families, which we do.

I am so very blessed to be able to enjoy my family and be at peace during this time of year. Although Caden was missed, her shining face was seen in almost every room of the houses. Not only is she is placed on mantles and shelves inside beautiful frames, but she is always a thought or memory away...we carry her everywhere.

As my friend Heidi said..."Your whole family will have the greatest feast of thanksgiving when you reach the pearly gates." To which I replied "Amen, sister!" And we day.

Rigg is a pleasant sort of fellow and enjoys most people. But this year he showed us just how much he loves his grandpa's. My dad, who we are calling 'pop', was telling Rigg a story, which Rigg just loved. He laughed in all the right places and just ate up being the center of attention.

The captains dad..papaw, was not to be outdone. He was just as funny with all of his silly faces. Bringing Rigg to giggles and belly laughs to the delight of the room.

Richard, some of you may remember, is the college age gentleman who happens to live in our basement. he was at attendance at both of our family thanksgivings. He did a lot of football watching with the captain and a lot of texting...geez, Richard...

We also played a game of scrabble which my dad, who was coming in dead last, somehow pulled it out in the end. And Richard, who was in the lead...lost. I am still a little giddy over that!

The Grandma's really enjoyed their newest grandson too. My mom, Mam, kept hiding behind Rigg when I was taking pictures. She said she looked terrible I need to give her more warning if I wanted to take her picture. To which I replied in my best sarcastic tone. " Hi, Mom we are coming over for Thanksgiving!"

It was a great holiday...I am very much looking forward to Christmas. When my sister and brother will be there to celebrate with us. YEAH!


Penny said...

Love his bib and paci! Glad you were able to enjoy your family! Andy and his dad sure do look alike and Rigg, too. =)

Heidi @ Indy Photography said...

That first picture is SOO cute!