Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mother of the Year

Rigg LOVES to sit upright.

He can't really do it yet on his own...but he loves it.
And because I do not have the time to sit and hold him all day (even though it would warm my heart to do so) we have to find alternative ways for the boy to sit.

We have a bumbo seat...a highchair...a doorway jumper...an excersaucer...and Riggs favorite...a couch!

I know, a couch...OHHH...AHHH. Highly coveted, I am sure.

Anyway, he loves to be propped up in the corner and play with his toys...He will sit in the corner of the couch much longer then he will stay in other things, like the bumbo seat, the highchair, the doorway jumper and the excersaucer...you get what I am trying to say...HE LIKES THE COUCH.

So I put him there.
Every morning when I get him up.
He sits in the corner of the couch and plays for a good 30 min.

He was doing just that yesterday morning. Playing and having a good time. I was in the basement doing the laundry...when I heard the thud.

No wait...the THUD.

My heart stopped and dropped to my stomach. I dropped the laundry and ran up the stairs just in time to hear the screams.

Rigg was no longer on the couch, as you may have already surmised...he was on the floor letting me know just how angry he was.
No worries...he is fine. I just learned mounds of pillows are now in order...and I can no longer leave him on the couch unattended...

So when they call and offer me the award for Mother of the Year...I shall gracefully decline.


Anonymous said...

......he just officially started his football training! Probably one of many thuds this boy will take!! He always makes me smile....and so do you! Love you. b, gma b, mama b (you pick)

Kathryn said...

My mother--an insufferable southern belle--believes that no child can grow up properly without first tumbling off an item of furniture. So see...now Rigg is "well rounded"!!! And don't worry...BOTH of my kids have taken their obligatory tumbles off of furniture and are just peachy!

Lindsay from S.A. said...

It happens to the best of us, if its not the couch its the bed! So go easy on yourself, take care!

Katy said...

Yeah, I know I shouldn't leave Sarah unattended on the couch... she's tipped over, but not fallen off...which is probably what it will take to get the message across.

Angel said...

Ari fell off his changing table once. I believe that is a little further than just the couch. Lucky Rigg! Ari has that football too...they should get together and play. It would be fair game seeing as they are almost the same size :)

Anna said...

Feel not alone...Abraham fell from a hotel bed (twice) and hit the hard concrete floors with pseudo-carpeting. I still feel horrible about that!

Penny said...

My stepdaughter did that when our granddaughter was 2 months and about had a stroke over it. I think she cried longer than Becca did. =)

Anonymous said...

Happens to the best of us. My daughter fell off the bed at about 10 months and had a hugh scrape on her nose. Just happened to be three days before we had our first post adoption visit from the social worker. Oops! I was way more concered about it then the social worker. Luckily she had young children and understood those things happen!

Lindsey said...

Are you sure these falls disqualify us from the Mother of the Year award? Bummer!

Heidi @ Indy Photography said...

I'm with Lindsey. Do these REALLY disqualify us? If so, I'm TOTALLY bummed.

This post reminds me of the time I unknowingly put Reagan in the ant pile and took pictures of her crying. And of the time she pulled the TV onto herself. And of the time she burned her little fingers in the cheese dip. And of the time....oh dear, apparently Reagan is a highly forsakable child for all of these things to have happened to her!