Monday, November 16, 2009

and it was wonderful

How does one go about thanking all of the people who have been there for them in tough times...well, really there is no way to thank them enough.

The Captain and I decided to just throw a party. A thank you/ we made it/ chemo is done/ we want to hang out and get together with friends for a happy reason party.

About 50 people were able to show up. It was very informal. A hang out. A let your kids run wild, chat with friends, eat junk kinda get was wonderful.

We had family, friends, friends who are really family, family who are also get the picture. I had such a wonderful time. Rigg stayed up WAY too late, and we had WAY too much food.

I cannot describe how wonderful it was to get together with friends and loved ones to celebrate God's goodness to us over this past year. These people were there for us when we needed them most. How great to see them, chat with them, and just be.

My friend Mindy set up a "Blessing Book" table. There was a lovely sign that stated if you have been blessed by our lives this past year, or would like to pray a blessing over us to please write down. Lovely paper was provided...I would LOVE to open that up to you as well. If you were at the party and missed the table, or were unable to make it...or are just now reading about it. If you have a blessing to share...please do so. I would love to print them out and put them into my "Blessing Book" so the Captain and I have a tangible way to look back on this past year of blessings and see some of what God has done.


Rebecca said...

Cari, I love your blog. I read it all the time! :) It is always so encouraging. I guess I've kinda been a blog stalker... but now you know I read it all the time. So I don't think I am anymore. :) Glad you had a wonderful party with friends and family. It sounds like it was a great time! :)

Justin said...

I left a blessing comment in your book......tehehehe.

Heidi @ Indy Photography said...

Just heard that Andy's MRI was clean! I was praying. PRAISE THE LORD!