Saturday, November 28, 2009

Celebrate we will

With Thanksgiving over I find myself just basking in the warmth and glow of my family. I knew this Thanksgiving would be happier then last year, and I was right. Everyone was happy. Last year, even though we had a good time, the sadness of a baby girl gone was evident in everyone’s eyes and face. This year, that sadness was replaced with joy and hope. Rigg was the joy and Caden's absence was the reminder of our hope.

As I was dressing Rigg before his 1st Thanksgiving dinner, we had 2, I leaned down close to his face and I whispered "we made it." He just smiled and cooed at me.
I miss my girl.
I am thankful for my babies.
I rejoice in my son.

Rigg was part of his first prayer circle this year. As we sat around the dinning table at my parents’ house, Rigg sat like a big boy in my mothers’ old high chair (It is a really fun antique metal highchair that is white with a red vinyl seat.), we prayed together.  Rigg's chair was between my fathers and mine. So during the prayer we all held hands; I held Rigg's left hand and my dad held his right. My mom cried. I thanks God for my babies, and that I could share this holiday with my son.

I have pictures, but they will have to wait...I am going to enjoy my family a bit more now.

I am continually thankful that Rigg was here for this Thanksgiving and am looking forward to it being one of his many firsts...

Although we may never celebrate with our whole family, we can celebrate with those that are here...and celebrate we will.


Heidi @ Indy Photography said...

Your whole family will have the greatest feast of thanksgiving when you reach the pearly gates. :)

Andy and Cari said...

Amen sister!