Saturday, April 18, 2009


Andy is doing great. I will get another video of him soon...So you can see for yourself, but until then, you'll have to take my word for it.

When he was in the hospital, and even now, I would do my best to try to encourage him about his improvements. You could tell he was frustrated, and wished that he was back to his normal self already, even though it had only been a day or two. This is still a normal occurrence at our trying to be a cheerleader with the Captain rolling his eyes in frustration. The thing that came to mind the first time this happened was a certain scene in the movie The Princess Bride. When Fesick is praising Wesley for wiggling his finger and nodding his head after he has been mostly dead all day. I have attached the youtube video so you can see what I mean. Every time I think about it I snicker...I finally told Andy what was running through my mind. It made him smile, then we started quoting lines from the gotta love the Captain!

Don't forget to pause the music at the bottom so you can hear the movie.

In other news. I have had a Dr.s appointment. Baby Rigg looks, or rather sounds, great. I am measuring a little big, for all of you who want to know that kind of can tell just by looking, but the Doc said it, so that makes it official.

The Captain has had one OT (occupational therapy) session. It went very well. He passed many things with flying colors. He and his therapist will work on strength endurance mostly, as well as fine motor skills. He is doing great in the balance and strength in short spurts...An answered prayer!
We are getting him set up for his speech therapy and he should start that on Monday. We should also hear back about the tumor biopsy on Monday.
We have switched him off of one type of anti-seizure medication and onto another one, purely because the first was making him a tish bit cranky. The captain is not an agitated and cranky kind of guy, so we called the doc...the switch has been made, hopefully he will feel better soon.

Specific Prayer Requests...I know you were just waiting for more.
Andy's frustration level with the quickness of his recovery.
His attitude.
The tumor biopsy would come back begin.
Therapy would go well, and Andy would see improvement.
The med change would be a good thing.
All the pathways of the brain would reconnect themselves or the brain would make new ones, so the captain would feel more like himself.
There are a couple of bills/paperwork that have come in the past few days that are going to take a lot of phone time to straighten out...that we would have patience and it would get corrected and smoothed out with little difficulty. He/we do not really need the extra stressors.

Thanks, all, for the prayers. It means more than I can say. I LOVE getting comments. I am a comment watcher....I check all the time. I love the words of encouragement and thoughtful prayers you guys are sending up for us.

(Just in case you were wondering...Andy's favorite quote from The Princess Bride is, "Sleep well and dream of large women." gotta love it!)


Elizabeth said...

That Princess Bride analogy is stinking hilarious!

Justin said...


Anonymous said...


okay - you guys are HILARIOUS! I'm jealous that I didn't think of the analogy before you - it's so perfect. "You think a little head jiggle is supposed to make me happy hmmm?" Fun post.

I also read Angie Smith's comment - that is so awesome she finally got to your blog.

See you guys in the morning.


Sarah Frederick Kim said...

I'm glad you're all doing better. Thanks for blogging your life for the world to see. You're missionaries in your own home. May God's peace continue to be upon you all.

Anonymous said...

Tough it out with the med changes. I've been on several anti-seizure meds for a completely different reason, and you just have to find the right one. Hoping that this one will be the right one!

Kate said...

Continuing to pray for your requests for Andy, as well as for you and the baby!

LisaL said...

I have been reading your blog for a bit (think I found you through Kelly's Korner, but don't remember now). So glad to hear that he is improving! You are in my prayers for strength and patience through these challenging times.

Anonymous said...

Hi- I just found your blog yesterday, and it amazed me- how strong you are. It brought me to tears to read about your sweet baby girl- she was beautiful. I pray for a quick recovery for your husband. May God bless you and your family.

Beck said...

a Comment for you!

Praying right now for all that you've asked - we won't leave you guys out in the cold. Praying that someone might *appear* who can handle the questions about the bills or make those tough phone calls for you.

Katy said...

Continued prayers from the middle of the cornfields in the Midwest!

The Princess Bride thing was quite a chuckle!

Stay strong and stay focused on the SON!!!!


Psalm112 said...

Know I'm still praying and if you or Andy ever have any questions, I'm more than available.


Rita said...

Thinking of you as I follow your posts. Thankful that God is always there. That even in the difficulty of a hard situation we can laugh and love each other. As we walk through this time taking just the next step. God is good and we will make it if we pray, stay close to God and take the next step. Many thoughts and prayers are with you.

Anonymous said...

Oddly enough in our sermon this morning the guy preaching made references to Princess Bride, the marriage scene- made me think of you and laugh. (in a good way, of course)
Still praying- thanks for the updates.

Lauren said...

I hope that you guys had a great Sunday! I found your blog from Kelly Stamps, just wanted you to know that my family and I have been praying for you. I wanted to let you know how much strength I have received from your blog, seeing how you and your husband trust in Jesus shows me that I can too! Thank you so much for your testimony by just living your life for our Heavenly Father.

Chelsea said...

I just thought I'd leave a comment, since you said you loved them so much ;)! I heard about your story through Kelly's Korner and I wanted you to know you're in my thoughts and prayers!
On a side note, I'm in physical therapy school now, and I wanted to encourage you to stay positive! You might mention to the OT about the frustration, and they can probably help show you progress that you might not see on your own! Just a thought!
I'll be checking back for updates!
-Chelsea from Oklahoma

Krista Lynn said...

it is a slow recovery, but pretty soon you'll both be able to look back at this time in your life & see how God has used you!

still praying!

from sunny seattle,
krista lynn