Friday, April 24, 2009

Another from the Captain

Why am I typing a post on a Friday night and not out enjoying myself with friends and a good meal you ask...well, because sometimes, we are boring like that. Tonight is just one of those nights. We have been vegging and roaming around the house most of the day...I took a nap, well, because Andy said he was tired. I stayed with him to keep him company for awhile. I awoke 2 hours later all by my lonesome just to find out Andy had done the dishes...again...and his QT and watched some FOX news and ESPN while I slept away the afternoon. LOVELY.

We have another video for y'all. The captain and I would like to say thanks for the continued prayer. He is living, breathing proof of what God can do...and of answered prayer. I asked him not to start the video with a picture of my belly...he complied. The clippity-cloppity noises you hear in the background are footy steps from our dog Bo. Please ignore.

(remember to pause the music at the bottom so you can hear the video)

So Andy is cleared for work on Monday!!! I feel like I should swing by the store and pick up some shiny new pencils, a new backpack and some too-white shoes for a little boy going to his first day of school...I am a nerd!

He is just progressing right along! No more OT...a couple weeks of speech left. No more metal...on the outside of his head. Moving around like a champ and laughing and joking almost like his old self. I am So in love with this man.

He mentioned going to see the oncologist. It is basically an apt. just to gather info. If Andy's DNA sample from the tumor comes back the "type A" I mentioned before...he will most likely be put on chemo for a couple of months...the Dr. said this is more of a preemptive strike. If there are any cells of the tumor left, then they respond really well to chemo...that is all.

Well I hope you all have a great weekend! Thanks for the continued prayers. Soon we should have Rigg's room up and being put together...I will post pics when that starts...Also I have just realized the only pictures of my house I am posting to the Internet for the world to see are from my home office...the dirtiest, most unorganized room in our little home. I apologize that you have to view it this day I will clean, pick up and organize...I have had a little much on my plate as of late to really worry about it...until I realized I was broadcasting my filth to the masses...sorry, masses.

I bought a new pack of vanilla Oreo's today...we will see how long they last!


The Kelly's said...

I saw those Oreo's at Target yesterday. I didn't even know they existed until you mentioned it. I was afraid to buy a whole pack just in case I didn't like them, so I stuck with the traditional. Did you see the strawberry cream Oreo's? Now that's what I'm talkin about! I'm so glad to see Andy is doing well!!!

Justin said...


Dolly said...

Dear Andy and Cari,

I am so happy to hear the wonderful prognosis. I have been following what has been going on with you guys since the first day as I happened to be at Rick and Cindy's house when they got the call.

You won't forget. God is so good and you won't forget. Even today I looked out and saw gray skies and wind in the trees and thought of how Al and I loved storms and I thanked God for good memories.

The first week that Al was in the hospital God gave me two verses; Psa. 18:2, 30. I have prayed them and begged with them and praised with them.... Two more verses that you can hang on to. His way IS perfect. We can't understand and don't have just is and we trust him. We hang on and we trust.

Let me know if I can do anything for you guys! You are awesome!

Anonymous said...

Go Andy!! So glad he's doing well! You two are soooo BLESSED to have each other!

P.S Cute doggie =)

The Anderson's said...

Nights in are just wonderful, actually I love lazy nights in with my boys! Can't believe Andy is going back to work already, amazing! God is wonderful!


Joyce said...

Wonderful!!! Except when my Max saw the picture of Bo he was really disappointed to not see Bo in the video! Would you please, please, please put Bo in the video next time, for Max? thanks!

btw, I shared a bit of your blog this morning while I was sharing with the ladies - God is SO good to help me remember all He has done and blessed me this morning with the chance to share it with others! He put your blog in my life at the moment He intended for this purpose! AMAZING!

Mike & Biz said...

So glad to hear the wonderful news. We're praying for you guys!