Saturday, April 11, 2009

He is sitting up!!!!

well, not right now, but he was earlier, until he fell asleep mid sentence and they put him back in bed. But for at least 45 min he was wide awake and sitting up. He is moving his right leg and right arm on his own without being forced to, although you can tell it causes him much strain and frustration. This is a vast improvement from even this morning. The Dr. said it could take days for his motor skills in his right side to catch up and not to I shared this info with him earlier today...he was still frustrated. He fed himself ice cream, with his right hand, and ate and drank a few things, then he started to fall asleep...this is what he is doing now...sleeping. His heart rate is still slightly elevated, and we are still in the ICU. He is speaking more on his own. He says his throat hurts and this is why he is not talking. When he really wants something, or is being tested he speaks fine.

I am doing well. Seeing him improve slowly today has me in good spirits and gives me hope for tomorrow. I think we might be here til Monday but we will not know for certain until later.
Andy's MRI results have not come back yet,or is they have I have not heard about them. The nurse says this is good news, if there was a complication then they would have called immediately. So keep praying.

Can I just tell ya folks that prayers have been answered. Specific prayers answered in the manner in the way we asked.

Andy is out of surgery and awake.The navigating system worked perfectly during surgery.
The Dr. thinks he got all of the tumor.
Andy is less groggy and coming out of the meds.
He is moving his right side better with each check.
He is speaking on his own, not just when forced to.
As well as others I cannot think of right now.

I look at that list and get so encouraged and just want to praise God for all His blessings these past days/hours.

Let us continue to worship the Healer and petition for Andy in these next few days. I will keep updating with praises and specific prayer requests so we can keep seeing the Lord work.


Erin said...

VERY happy for you all. Glad he's doing alright. If you need anything, I've been down to Brain Tumor road for a while now. And my husband is doing DARN WELL! :-) Just shoot a note! Will keep you in our prayers

Psalm112 said...

Praise the Lord! Continuing to pray and know that if you ever have any tumor or brain surgery questions, hubby and I have each walked the road!!

Lindsey said...

Thanks for another update! Praising the Lord with you for so many answers to prayer and looking forward to seeing what He continues to do! Still praying...

Justin said...

Praise God.

Joanne said...

I just found your blog today from Kelly's and I feel it is providencial. I wanted my husband, Bob to read it too. Just want you to know that we will keep you in prayer as God completes Andy's healing.

Bob wrote: The Lord is good. Psalm 116 (Living Bible) is the chapter that the Lord gave me when I went through a brain tumor diagnosis 9 years ago (I am a testimony of God's healing power). The Lord cares for us so very much. We are rejoicing with you & Andy and are trusting God for a complete healing and restoration for His Glory.

In Christ,
Bob and Joanne
from Vancouver, Canada

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

I just found your blog and just want you both to know that I am praying for you fervently! I spent some time reading you past posts and getting to know you. You both are amazing children of God and I pray many blessing upon you. You are both strong and being used by Him in ways that you can't imagine.

I will pray for you both daily during my prayer time and if you say it's ok, put you on my prayer page on my blog.

In Him,

Emily said...

So glad that he's doing so well! My mom and friends are praying Cari and will continue to do so. Get some rest, trust in Him, and take care of that baby boy.

Bethany said...

Praising God for the progress and continuing to lift you both to the Lord. I know you have your umpteen thousand people who can help, but you can add us to the list too. We'd be honored to help.