Monday, April 11, 2011

happy 2nd brain surgery & recovery anniversary

OK, so I missed it. Now it is just by one day... and to be clear, I did remember yesterday... I was to lazy, ahem, to busy to put  up a post.

Yesterday was an imortant anniversary... incidentally it was ALSO  my parents 35th wedding anniversary.... which I totally forgot about. I am tellin' ya, I have lost my mind, and I am afeared it shant be returning anytime soon. (rabbit trail done)

Yesterday was the2 year anniversary of the Captain's tumor and brain surgery. Many of you heard about our family right around this time 2 years ago. And I have made many a bloggy friend since then. I am forever thankful for all of your prayers for our family. I cannot express to you enough how impactful each comment, each prayer, each card, each phone call, each hug has meant to the Captain and me....since Caden, through the brain surgery...the incarceration.... and just through life, which can be hard.

However, today as the Captain left for work... no cancer, no chemo, no evidence of the surprise health crisis of 2 years previous, I took a moment and said a prayer of thanks. Thanks for the Captain's life, for 2 years of precious boys, for the normalcy that has returned...for moments in this temporal life that make me anticipate eternal life.

So, please join me today in wishing the Captain happy 2nd brain & surgery recovery anniversary. Just kinda rolls off the tongue nice and easy, doesn't it?

Happy Life, Captain!

interested in reading about our April 2 years ago?


ashima said...

hey,a friend just sent me this blog because the pic of your Captain with his stapled incision looked "eerily familiar," she said. i can't wait to read more posts. feel free to look at mine... i just had my resection for astrocytoma on march 25 and start radiation apr 18. i'm still getting "me" back but i'm so thankful God decided to leave me here with my 16yo daughter a little longer. he has never failed me yet and won't fail us now. congratulations on 2 years, maqy you enjoy many more!

Julie : ) said...

happy anniversary! good to remember these things!

Anonymous said...

is it bad that i chuckled when i read the word incarceration?? it was NOT funny, but the way you told all of those stories WAS funny!! happy 2yr anniversary captain!! still keep you and your whole family in my prayers!
:) linda

kristi said...

Yes!! So very happy for you and the great health you share in celebrating this 2nd anniversary. We are always thinking of you and Cari and sending up prayers for continued good health and prayerful blessings for your family. Love you all.

Anonymous said...

Happy 2nd brain & surgery recovery anniversary Andy! So glad you are healthy and well! You have such a beautiful family! Glad you're free from all that craziness too! xo