Thursday, April 14, 2011

stealing spring

Every spring I look out my back window and see the yard next door come alive with color.

It has this tree that buds in tiny lavender goodness.

It has tulips to delight the eye in all colors.

The ground is COVERED in small purple flowers and rich green grass.

I stand at my kitchen sink and gaze at the beauty whilst I wash the dishes.

The other day I thought how sad it was that nobody owns that yard...that no one is enjoying it...besides me, from afar.

It just seemed wasteful.

So I decided to snap some pretty pictures of Gods remarkable and awe-inspiring creation...

then steal some of it.

I made myself a lovely spring bouquet of gorgeous red and white tulips.

I mean, someone should enjoy these is not like they will be around forever...

So today, as I gaze upon my freshly cut lovelies... I am glad I stole a bit of spring.


Penny said...
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Penny said...

I deleted the first comment due to a typo. lol The tulip pictures are beautiful~ one of my favorite flowers. I don't know if I could resist them, either. :)