Friday, April 8, 2011

Caution...ridiculously long post. super cute pics though...

Last week my mother was on spring break... so my sister, who now resides in CA, flew out to spend the week with us and let us love on favorite niece (yes, she is my only niece... but no less a favorite) I do have pictures of me and my sister... but I do not look good in them, and since this is my blog... I, and I alone have the power to decide what makes the cut...
Charlie may be 7 weeks older, but Ryder has about a pound and a half on her...

We spent a day shopping at the mall, which I had not been to since I was17...or something, OK that is an exaggeration... maybe I was 18...or 28... not important, point is... LONG TIME GONE. Also, super excited because I purchased myself a new dress that I fully intend to rock on Easter, thankyouverymuch.

The very next day we traveled a mere 2 hours south and spent a day with my Nana and Paw... my Dad's parents. They allowed us to descend upon their home with 3 small children and enough bags, car seats and sippy cups for a trip to Europe. It was a great visit, I do not get to see them as much as I would like... and it was their first time meeting Mr. Ryder, so it was a significant moment. When my Nana held Ryder she said "When you hold him, you know your holding something" What can I say... he is what one might call... husky.

The very next day the Captain and I took off early later then I wanted to visit Jennie and Nick in Chicago. Also a significant meeting... the Chastain's were meeting Mr. Miles for the first time and the Murdocks were meeting Ryder... and Ryder and Miles were new acquaintances as well, that goes without being said. (Rigg stayed behind and spend some quality time with both sets of Grandparents) We laughed, chatted, ate super tasty Chicago pizza, played games, ate, squished and loved on babies, and walked to the aquarium. All in all the trip was a success...just too short, as all visits with good friends are. (you can check out more pics here.)

As you can see, Ryder thoroughly enjoyed his time at the aquarium.

We got back Saturday night just in time for baths and bedtime... then up bright and early for church on Sunday.

Sunday evening we had dinner with my Mom's parents. This was the first time they had all of their great-grand kids together (besides Caden, who is always missed... but one day, we will all be together, until then it is just a sweet reminder of the Hope we have in Christ.)

My parents also enjoyed having all their grandkids together... although, I am pretty sure, after all the chaos this past week,  they are now enjoying the least for a few days!

Monday dawned all too early for a mom who has been run ragged... and my sister and Charlie spent the day with us. I took some pics of the chubby little girl. (Charlie, not Sara... Sara, you are NOT chubby...)

We had to say goodbye to Sara and Charlie on Tuesday evening. Hopefully we might see them again in July...if it all works out. Until then, they will be greatly missed.
I have since spent my time trying desperately to catch up on laundry and house work (and we all know how much I love house work) needless to say, I am not caught up.. maybe I will be by 2015...ish. Maybe, If I actually do the work and quit stopping to snap pics of my 2 favorite boys... but really, what is more important... clean bowls or time with my children.
EXACTLY... that is until we get some sort of nasty illness from living in filth... when that happens, I might shift my priorities a bit.

clearly, after a bed is made is the perfect time for jumping...

Incidentally, while I was trying to get this post done... Rigg ate a piece of chalk.... sigh.


Bethany said...

You have a gift! This post was fabulously cute and fun and funny. Thanks for sharing all the pictures. Your boys are adorable.

Julie : ) said...

super cute pictures!

Rebecca said...

ridiculously cute photos Cari! :)

Mooresvillian said...

I wonder if anyone in my family smiled with the "thankyouverymuch"?
You have a wonderful family. God bless you.

Just Me - The Champion said...


I have not posted for a while. However, I am starting a Children's ministry blog where I will be sharing stories and pics of all our kids in the ministry (including Miss Josie). I cannot believe what a little BOY Rigg is and how cute, and chunky and squishy Ryder is! You're a good Mama! Congrats to Captain on 2 years of God's goodness. I still pray for you and your sweet family. I still have Caden on my fridge and look forward to the day I can meet her in eternity. Peace to you sweet friend. Keep up the blogging (and photos) you are awesome! - Jen