Thursday, April 28, 2011

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Twas love at first bounce

Ryder has been telling me in gradually louder and more persistent yelps, grunts and squeals, that he needed more stimulation.

(I was slightly taken aback at first... I mean, who needs more stimulation with Rigg around, but hey, maybe that is just me.)

(anybody else think he looks a little like a bull dog in this pic? cracks me up!)

So, heeding his plea, I went in search of age appropriate baby gear... enter the Sassy seat doorway jumper.
A favorite of all our offspring (as exampled below)

and as you can see, Ryder finds bouncing, twirling, swaying and, I dare say, just being in an upright position positively delightful.


All growed up
Spoofer no-more

Rigg has always loved his spoofers (spoofers = pacifiers (we give things weird names...probably because we are weird))

For almost a year now he has accepted the fact that spoofers stay in bed and are only for "nigh-nigh".  At least that was the deal until just 2 days ago, when that Captain and I decided it was time for our oldest baby to become a little man.

he was a tish bit confused when bed time rolled around and no one handed him a spoofer. He started to become alarmed when we kissed him and headed for the door...and still no spoofer. When we closed the door we heard a very loud, whinny "oh, no!"
and then crying
then silence
then "oh, no!"
then silence
then wailing (mom and dad go in to comfort and say" it's Ok buddy, you are doing great!" then leave without giving over the spoofer)
then short, ragged breaths and the sucking in of snot
then crying
then "oh, no! oh, no! oh, no! oh, no!"
then crying
then silence
(repeat for an hour and a half)

all "nigh-nigh"'s since have been sans tears over missing spoofer.

such a big boy!


A celebration for Ayden

blogging has brought me much happiness and joy... no more so then the dear, sweet friends I have made. One such endearing soul is Lindsay.  We have bonded over blogging, mommy-hood and grief. Her sweet, sweet boy Ayden would have been 2 yesterday.
Lindsay lives too far away for me to hug. (and/or eat big helpings of chocolate with) So we tried the next best thing...

(remember to pause the music at the bottom to hear the video)

It is always nice to know your child is loved and remembered.
and Ayden is. Loved and remembered.
Happy Birthday sweet boy!


barbara said...

Cute boys!!! Bouncer looks fun!!! Is there one for grownups?? ha:)

Anonymous said...

That was such a neat idea to remember Ayden. And P.S. Ryder and Caden look sooooo much alike (noting the obvious differences of gigantic sweaty smelly Ryder and sweet Caden ;) )

Heidi Stone Photography said...

Such a sweet idea for Ayden.

Totally agree that Ryder and Caden look SO similar!