Thursday, June 3, 2010

the incarceration of the Captain

If you thought those Chastains had some stories to tell, you have yet to hear the latest, crazy, unreal happenings in the Captain's life.

Most of you know where Andy was about a year ago. To refresh your memories let us harken back to the beginning of May 2009. Andy was recovering from brain surgery...a removal of a tumor on his left frontal lobe. The first week of May marked his first week back at work full time. He still could not drive, so I played chauffeur, and he was still having minor difficulty speaking, so he was not making calls or receiving them... just paper and computer work. Every night he would come home from work so tired he had just enough energy left to change clothes and drop into bed...this is usually the place where supper was served and eaten. Down time was a must and the Captain needed time without thought or distraction.

Also around this time, unbeknownst to us, a man of similar description to the Captain stole Andy's information and tried to obtain an illegal prescription... a class D felony. It would seem this man, not the Captain, got away, and all that was left in his wake was Andy's information... and a description that was similar to the Captain. So, on the 6th of May 2009 while we were home, and Andy was eating dinner in bed, recovering from a long exhausting day, a warrant for dangerous drugs was issued for my husbands arrest.

About a year later, the 4th of May 2010, Andy left early to go work-out before work. As he was approaching the workout center he was pulled over by a police officer. The reason: no official license plate, just a paper one...Andy's had been stolen off our car a week or so prior and we had not yet righted the situation. As the officer ran the Captains info... he discovered the warrant. He then preceded to handcuff the Captain and read him his rights. I received a call about 7:10 am from Andy, asking me to come get his car because he was being arrested... um, excuse me?

He told me as much as he could, which as maddenly little, and then I was talking with his arresting officer. Within 15 min I had Rigg and Richard in tow to go get the Captains car. I pulled up beside flashing lights and a sheriffs paddy wagon thinking this was all a big mistake and it would get fixed very soon...

I chatted with the officer who was kind enough to re-check the warrant... he even let me see it... it was Andy... But it couldn't have been Andy!!! A year ago he was recovering from brain surgery and he couldn't drive and I was a crazy lady who didn't let the man out of my sight!!! The nice officer assured me that my husband seemed like a nice guy...a steady job, a family probably wasn't for meth or cocaine...but it could be for prescription drugs.... um, I do not think you are listening.... if you knew my husband you would think this is insane!

And then they carted the Captain away.

I was stunned. I didn't know what to do. What do you do when the world turns upside down?

I called my mom.

I called Andy's dad. I called everyone I knew in law enforcement. As the day progressed we found out someone had stolen Andy's identification...maybe his info from the hospital... who knows... we just knew Andy was innocent and being treated as if he were guilty of some huge crime. As we gathered bits and pieces of information Andy was being frisked, handcuffed, leg shackled, fingerprinted, had his mug shot taken, and thrown into a holding cell waiting to be extradited to the county the warrant was issued from. During all of this time he was given no information about why he was there or why he was being held. He was able to call... we had to pay for the privilege, but I got to hear his voice... and it sounded a bit hollow and shaky. I asked how he was doing...he said scared. It said Praise Jesus He made you big! He forced a laugh and said he was putting on his hard face and puffing out his chest hoping to be left alone.... I prayed for his safety.
He told me later that he was processed multiple times and each time they asked "any tattoos?" "any scars?" He said one time he was asked about tattoos in front of 2 or 3 guys who were tattooed from head to toe...he leaned in and whispered "no" hopping no one would look at him funny!

God was gracious to us in that we found a friend on the inside who was gathering info, pulling strings and calling in favors. I shudder to think what would have happened to the Captain without this man. From every source I talked to, I was told to expect Andy to sit in jail for 3 or4 days....3 or 4 days!!!!! For being innocent? CRAZY!!! Turns out, the county that he had to be extradited to only picks up their prisoners 2 or 3 times a month!!! One guy Andy was moved with had been waiting 5 days! God was in all the details, as officers were moving Andy and processing him they kept saying, "we never move people this fast..."
At 5 pm the Captain called again. He had been moved and was able to be bailed out... BAILED OUT!!! So at 7 pm on a Tuesday evening, I found myself seated across from Ed, from Easy Ed's bail bond services, paying money we do not have to bail my innocent husband out of jail for a crime he never committed.
Andy was released by 8:20 and we were in bed by10:30... but it is not over yet.
Andy has been to one court appearance, and we are hoping once our attorney gets the video, they will drop the case...pray the video is clear so they can see without a doubt that it is not Andy!

So there you have it, the incarceration of the Captain. Since then I have been filling our discussions with synonyms for jail. Asking Andy things like... what was it like in the slammer... good thing I was able to spring you from the clink... That guy looks like he might have been in the joint with you... One time, right before we fell asleep I yelled that there was a convict in my bed... And when he leaves in the mornings I politely ask he not get arrest that day.... I am busy!
Andy replies with a nod and some witty comment about now having street cred.

Although we are able to laugh and joke about this, it is a bit serious. Please pray for Andy. That the truth would come forth sooner rather then later and that his record would be as shinny and clean as it should be.
We are not sure what God is preparing us for...but it must be a doosey!


Jill said...

Oh my that's the craziest story ever! Praying that it gets cleared up asap.

Lindsay said...

WOW....I couldn't help but laugh, but I sure hope they get it all cleared up soon. What a fun story to tell, though, once it's all taken care of.

Just Me - The Champion said...

Ahhhh! Love it! I love your jokes about the clink... your a funny lady miss Cari. Have a blessed week. Got your email. I'll email you back this week. lv, jen

Melissa823 said...

um...I kept waiting for the punch line of this story. You've GOT to be kidding me. Unbelievable. Your family has so many jewels in that crown!

otherwise known as mom said...

I smile and laugh and cry when I read your post....your plate is surely full. Good thing we serve a big God. Who else could see us through such crazy times when NOTHING seems to make sense!
I'll say an extra prayer for your family tonight!

Anonymous said...

Hope things work out for you.
If Rigg gets a baby brother maybe you could name him!

Heidi @ Indy Photography said...

Still praying for you and Andy whenever I think of this.

Love you guys.

Princess Heather said...

I will be praying for you and Andy and your family at this time. I saw a book today and the title just made me think about was Shaken...not Shattered! I don't even know what the book is about but the title made me think of your faith! I will certainly be praying!

Anonymous said...

This is really unnerving. You've described one of my big fears, that I had thought was a bit on the irrational side, but now I am even more fearful. What a nightmare! And to think how hard it is to prove innocence. Another lesson not to pass judgement when we see people in police cars, or stopped on the side of the road. And a reminder of how quickly our simple quiet lives can be turned on end.

I will be praying for you.

Penny said...

I just saw this post. With the title on my blog list, I don't know how I missed it. Anyway, good to see your humor still shining through as always. God is working this together for good. You know that better than anyone. God bless.

Rhonda said...

You are so funny! I laughed out loud at "there's a convict in my bed!" What a crazy story!!!

Krista said...

Holy smokes! that's crazy! i will for sure be praying for Andy, as well as you!

~SMD~ said...

This might be one of the craziest things I have ever heard. My prayer for you and your beautiful family is that all this is resolved quickly with little financial stress as possible.

I want to keep faith in our justice system that it works.