Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Lake

A cottage on a 100 acre lake is the best place to go and spend a relaxing Labor Day weekend with your family.
What? You have no such cottage? You know of no such lake?
Well, that is just too bad for you.
I,on the other hand, have such a place to go to...and it is where family wonderfulness takes place.

It is my favorite family hang out spot. My Aunt and Uncle are such nice persons to allow us to trash their place a few times each year. We stay on air mattresses and eat all day. We can fish, sleep, swim, play games or just sit and soak up the lovely that is the lake cottage. kids run around all day getting dirtier and louder
with no TV we swap kids to hold and love on and
lay around on other peoples beds

Nana's and great-grandchildren and all those who fall in between intermingle

Birthdays are celebrated and cake and ice cream eaten with relish

laughter is abundant and welcome

babies learn to lounge lakeside

Captains go fishing

and Nana's hold new miracles with thankfulness.


Just Me - The Champion said...

Love this awesome post. The Lake looks like fun! Some of my favorite memories were spent on a lake in a canoe or on a dock somewhere. We have lots of rivers but the lakes here are not the same as the lakes in the midwest. Glad you had a good LONG weekend and had fun with your family. I'm back online. Didn't have a computer here at the church for a couple weeks. It was painful! Hope all is well. Peace to you Cari

Lindsay from South Africa said...

Such a stunning post!

Katy said...

Sounds wonderful! :)
I miss going to "the lake" in Minnesota.

Stacey said...

Sweet sweet pictures Cari babe. love ya. Thinkin about ya.

Penny said...

How wonderful to have all those generations together! =)

Justin said...

Let's not miss the most important thing here, what did Andy catch?


Extraordinary Ordinary Life said...

So sweet!

Heidi @ Indy Photography said...

What a great place to hang out!

Oh, and also, Rigg has temporarily taken over my advertising, so....don't be surprised when you see his picture plastered all over. LOL. Of course, that will likely change once my little one comes and I consider my own baby just *slightly* more charming than yours, but...for now....