Wednesday, September 9, 2009

BIG Rigg...2 mo. check up

So I am a little behind.

Rigg had his 2 month well baby check up about 2 weeks late. So he was truly 2 and a half months...and this was last Thursday.

So in order to catch you up on all things we go.

He is successfully living up to his name. He is HUGE!!! As of late he is fitting into 6 months clothes. Yup, you read that right...6 MONTHS!!!

He weighed in at just over 14 lbs. 95% in weight.

Measured just over 25 and 1/4 inches. 96% in height.

He is eating about 5 ounces every 3 to 3 and a half hours. He is sleeping well at night, and would probably be sleeping through the night if IU/Riley did not tell me to go no longer than 6 hours with out feeding him. So I get him up at 4 each morning for an early breakfast, then we both go back to sleep.

He is fast becoming a smile maniac...especially in the mornings. He even giggles occasionally.

He tries his hardest to sit up...which is stinkin' funny to watch. He strains his little neck, looks like he is doing crunches. He loves to be held sitting upright. and he is tracking things like a champ.

We just started him on formula. We are mixing it in with breast milk. He is not a big fan...but hunger wins over taste and he finishes it down to the last drop. Never get between a man and his food...

Rigg is such a blessing to our family. The captain and I could not be more thrilled to take care of such a wonder that is our son. We are thankful of the privilege of raising a Godly man, one who loves God and strives to do His will.

In other news, we had a great weekend at the lake, I will post on it later.

So until then...ciao.

As for blog awards...I am so thankful for those who think I deserve one...but I have been notorious for neglecting to follow orders in posting them on my blog...So thank you to all those who have nominated me, and continue to....I just am lazy when it comes to posting them here on my own site, sorry!


julie said...

Thanks for the update! Yay for the smiley-ness!

Penny said...

Sounds like he's really healthy! Too cute!

joyce said...

hoory for fat SMILING rigg!