Thursday, August 6, 2009

If you would be so kind

I am still in my PJ's.

I have managed to eat lunch, which is more than I can say for breakfast.

I have successfully fed 2 babies (watching my baby cousin again) twice and changed each babe just as many they are both down for naps with a minimum amount of screaming/crying/fussing...what better time to write a post...or do the dishes or brush my teeth...not that I have waited until after 2 to do such a thing, I mean how disgusting and unsanitary would I be if I had not yet brushed my teeth...who are we kidding folks...I am that person, multiple times a week I can be that person...poor captain!

I ran errands in the sweltering humidity yesterday, toting a bouncing baby boy in the process. I think I lost about 4 pounds just by sweating. No worries, though, I found it today by lunch time! I got some ribbon and candles and other decor for my sisters wedding. I also got very sore arms from all the cutting I had to do with pruning sheers to assemble the center pieces.(they consist of sticks and twirly sticks...very natural and pretty) I am going to have arms that are more toned than Madonna...well, I would, if I made these particular center pieces everyday...which I don't...oh well.

The Captain has been on his 3rd round of Chemo this week. It has been the smoothest round as of yet. He also has his 1st MRI since the surgery at 9 am tomorrow morning. The captain hates MRI's. He is claustrophobic and the large metal tube of doom stresses the man out. So if you would be so kind as to pray for him tomorrow...heck, pray for him tonight to! We probably won't hear anything about the results until early next week. So peace of mind over the weekend is a prayer request as well. We see the neurosurgeon early in the morning next Tuesday, then we will know what the MRI said.
As I mentioned before, it is easy for me to worry about my husband. I am sure it is even easier for him to worry about himself. I have been battling with worry and fear more this year than I have my whole life. It is prayers from friends, family and strangers that have helped to keep my mind at ease these past few months, that and Christ...let's not forget Him! He has held us up when we were the weakest and given us strength and hope. I know no matter what the MRI will show that it will be OK...but sometimes OK is not what I would have wanted or planned...But I will rest in Christ and His plan for me and my family...this is just a bit easier when we have been bathed in, if you would be so kind...

and just because I laughed an evil kind of laugh while I did it...a picture of my son with his paci on his head while he sleeps peacefully on my mothers chair. It was a long day yesterday...I had to have a little comic relief.
I took both pics with my camera phone...sorry for the poor quality.


Elizabeth said...

Great job on the centerpieces! I really like them.

The Bug said...

Can't wait to see the wedding pics - looks like it will be beautiful.

I'm with the Captain - I hate MRIs! I "failed" my first one, but the second one wasn't quite as bad. I knew what to expect & I prepared myself accordingly. Still no walk in the park, but I didn't freak out. I'll keep all of you in my prayers!

Kate said...

Praying for you all!

Anonymous said...

you know i will be praying. auntdi

Bethany said...

Those center pieces are awesome. I did NOT know that's what you went to school for. Now I can stop feeling bad that my house looks no where near as put together as yours.

We'll be praying for you all tomorrow and this weekend.

Just Me - The Champion said...

I like your comic relief picture. New babies are funny. When sleep comes it comes hard and fast and when their sleeping... nothing seems to phase them. But when they are awake grunting, spitting up, getting used to their limbs and bodies. It's fun to watch. I really like the centerpieces. Super cool. PJ's til 2pm is the "coolest" thing. Everyone's doing it! ;) I say keep up the good work! I'm praying for Captain. I'm glad this round of chemo is smooth. I'll keep praying for that too. Peace Cari, Jen

Krista said...

very different centerpieces, but i REALLY love them! But then again, I love weddings! =) Ok... i seriously had to do a double take @ Rigg b/c I thought it was a bow on his head! ha! Too cute!
Enjoy your day Cari!

Justin said...