Friday, August 28, 2009

because I promised

So, here are some pics from the wedding weekend. Some are from wedding day, others from dress rehearsal, and still others from just hanging out with family. It was such a fun weekend. I took all pics I was not in...except the 2nd one, the captain and I both took that one...

The fam.

the Captain and me

Nope, not his birthday, just a crown we found lying around...and as you
can see, the captain was thrilled to pieces to be wearing it!

another attempt to get a family shot, too bad
little bit was sound asleep.

Some of the beautiful decor.

the bride and groom...looking stunning.
Wasn't her dress amazing?

who doesn't love a trio of wedding kids?
the 2 on the right are my cousins.
the one on the left is not family...although she is considered as such.
My most wonderful photo from wedding day! they were beautiful
as well as innocent and sweet...Caden would have been a wonderful addition
to their splendor. Can you see why I couldn't stop crying????
so cute

and who doesn't love a little man in a sweater vest?
OK, I know what you are going to say....Cari, where is Rigg in his 3 piece ensemble? Well, I was so busy I forgot to take a pic. Not to worry, the photographer too plenty. And I plan on cheating and putting him in it here at home to get a few shots...
happy weekend!


Just Me - The Champion said...

Those pictures are beautiful. What a pretty wedding dress. Your pictures look professional! Especially of the kiddos. I can see why it was a tough day. Still praying Cari. Gods peace to you.
- jen

Justin said...


Elizabeth said...

Andy likes the crown. I can tell. Now I would like a picture of him in the crown doing his ballet. Thank you.