Thursday, January 13, 2011

Gettinn' stuff done

Tonight I was able to accomplish some things I had wanted to do before Ryder arrives. You might remember what the nursery looks like...and the name decal over the changing table.
Well, it has now gone from this...

Now the space is all Ryder's.

We have also been working on Rigg's big boy room. I have opted, so far, not to share much because it is not finished. But the Captain took pictures tonight as we were getting some stuff done, so I will share. It is still a work in progress.

 Me, in all my pajamaed glory, putting up Rigg's new name decal.

Super fun lime green dresser...I just love this.

Lockers I found on Craig's list. Rigg's new favorite past time is to put Rufus or other toys in the lockers and shuffle them around.

Here is some of the bedding and the inspiration for the colors.

And here is the main man himself, looking super cute!

and eating staken' shake while no one was watching...

and kissing baby Charlie.

I think we are ready for Ryder now... maybe he was just waiting for me to get his name on the wall... well, if that is the case, I have done my part!
It is hard to believe we have come so far... from Unobservant Andy...To just waiting for the little man to arrive. God has been so good to us.
Come on Ryder!


Anonymous said...

I love the deco! Did you paint the dresser or was it already lime green? And I'm
glad I can obsessively check your blog for Ryder's arrival news w/o you having to say "still waiting" over and over. Love you! Michele F

Penny said...

Everything looks great! :)
You probably already did this, but just in case~ be sure you anchor the lockers to the wall. I have a dear friend whose son has a plate in his head from a locker falling over on top of him. He was my first thought when I saw your picture.
I can hardly wait to see pictures of your new little one. :)

oneblessedmama said...

Where did the bedding come from? Im gearing up for a redo on my boys room, and some things I can make, but still looking for fun, colorful bedding!