Saturday, January 22, 2011

Confessions from the1st week

The first week with a newborn and a toddler has come and gone... we are now on week 2.
How is it going? I think it is going well. Although I do have a few confessions.

My biggest accomplishment today was gathering up all the pieces and parts that belong to Mr. Potato head, which had gotten lost amongst all the other toys.

I teared up and almost lost it at the song "your gonna miss this" by Trace Adkins in the car yesterday.

I am slightly terrified about Andy going back to work next week... flying solo will be a whole new experience!

We have let Rigg poke a pacifier in the baby's face, eye, ear, nose more times then I can count.

In the hospital, before I was discharged, a lovely woman came by and dropped off a post-partum diet pamphlet. I stored it on top of my donut box.

I only put Rigg in real clothes and not jammies two times this week. OK, it may have only been one time.

I sat and watched Rigg eat a small piece of paper because I was too tired to get up and take it from him. I am sure he needs more fiber in his diet anyway...

I keep looking in the mirror and sucking in... as if that is going to help...sigh

I have watched so much Elmo this week I am starting to think in third person.

I promised to call Jennie on Wednesday... and have yet to do it... sorry Jen.

I am savoring my not-so-secret stash of tootsie roll pops...yum

The Captain has a new skill. He can hold a baby and it does not affect his game on his XBOX!

I have been so busy I have not had much time to contemplate that Monday is Caden's 3rd birthday.  I will post her birthday video and some Heidi, be prepared.

OK... I am going to go have a tootsie roll pop and snuggle the wee one. Do you have any confessions you want to share?


Lindsey said...

You're too funny! Yes, I have plenty of confessions, but not the good excuse of a newborn anymore. HE IS SOOOO ADORABLE!!!

Extraordinary Ordinary Life said...

This post cracked me up. Andy is pretty awesome and the doughnut box was hilarious.

Lindsay said...

When I need a light-hearted chuckle, I know I count on you.

When I got the first picture of Ryder of my phone, I told you I thought he looked just like Rigg. I'm going to take that back. I see Caden so strongly in his eyes and hair/head. But that mouth looks just like Rigg's. He's a combination of both!! :)

Glad to see you still have your sense of humor. You're my hero....

Anonymous said...

you crack me up!! thanks for keeping it so real...and so funny!! my two are 17 months apart, and your post made me flash back to when i brought my second home...great memories...such a sweet time...enjoy! and have another donut!! maybe that pamphlet will make a great napkin...or some more fiber for rigg!
:) linda

Anonymous said...

You don't know me and I don't even remember how I came to read your blog. But, since we have some things in common, back I come.... I have a benign brain tumor that so far is sitting pretty, but I have been heartened to see that your husband came through his so well. And, my younger child's third birthday is tomorrow. Every time I read your blog, I appreciate him even more and tomorrow I'll send a special wish to Caden and to your whole family. Happy Birthday in Heaven Caden!

Julie : ) said...

i laughed out loud to the pamphlet on the donut box! Love it!

Mikki said...

I confess that I'm seriously impressed by the baby-holding-Xbox-playing skill. That is rocking.

If you need help eating donuts in the future lemme know...

Heidi Stone Photography said...

Just don't give Andy a Wii remote.

sameer said...

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