Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ryder update

Ryder: "engaged" very big...makes mommy measure @ 41 weeks when mommy just turned 37 weeks yesterday.
New ultrasound will be taken next Thursday (my birthday!) to get a more up-to-date size. Maybe then we will find out if we get to meet Mr. Ryder a bit early.
Me: HUGE, waddling, uncomfortable. I have "progressed" a bit.

My Dr. informed me I am free to have the baby any time.

I am slowly getting things done. Rigg slept in his big boy bed last night for the first time. The Captain and I think it went rather well. Ryder's bag is packed and ready and I plan on getting the nursery cleaned and sorted out today. Let's hope I get my bag packed and a few odds and ends done before our newest addition makes his appearance!

Happy New Year everyone!

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