Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A light at the end of the 40 week tunnel

Although I am still massively with child, there is an end in sight. If this huge child does not decide to make his presence known by Monday, then we shall persuade him to come out with subtle things like induction drugs... about 10:30 on Monday morn. So no matter what happens, we should have Ryder in our arms (and, Praise Jesus, out of my stretched-to-the-limit-belly) by Monday evening.

Interesting info, for those who want to know. I am progressing and could "go" at any time. I am measuring at 44 or 45 weeks. (I tried to tell you I was big).  I have been having false labor contractions for a few days, the other night I had contractions 15 min. apart for over an hour and a half... then nothing. So hopefully we are working on something.
My Doc is on call today, Thursday and Friday, and then not again until Monday. I have been praying that if I were to go into labor on my own it would be when she is available. She has been there for both Caden's and Rigg's birth... I really want her there for Ryder's.

There is no jet plane involved, but my bags are packed and I am ready to go.  I am behind on my house cleaning... scrubbing and mopping are hard on a ginormous pregnant lady. On the plus side, my laundry and dishes are caught up!  The nursery has been cleaned and Rigg is doing OK-to-well in his big boy bed. I have even slept unusually well for the past couple of nights... it has been wonderful!

So for lack of anything else to do... and because it has been snowing non-stop for the past 2 days, I am just hanging out in my PJ's and puttering/ reading/ playing with Rigg. Now it is a waiting game. Feel free to join me in my hunkering-down stage. I promise to post when I know more... or am a mommy again!


Just Me - The Champion said...

44 or 45 Weeks! Oh my goodness. You are good. You are an amazing woman! Yeah that we are all going to "meet" your new sweet precious gift soon! Praying for you. Take it easy Mama! lv, jen

Lindsey said...

Exciting! Can't wait! I'll keep praying!

Kandice said...

Praying for you! I have been checking back daily to see if there was thanks for keeping us updated. Can't wait to see pictures of your little Ryder. Love!

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness how exciting!! can't wait to hear the news!! will be praying for you...thanks for posting...i keep checking in to see how you all are doing!! so happy for you that ryder will be in your arms soon. God Bless!!
:) linda

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Cari!


Bethany said...

YAY! There's an end in sight. :) I'll be praying for you!