Thursday, January 27, 2011

"They" say never to compare your children

But I say... go ahead... who do you see?

Second day of life




2 or 3 weeks old




And just for fun...
A valiant effort to get the boys together...

oh well, they can only get better... right?


The Buchanan Family said...

I think he looks alot like Caden but in his on way. They are all precious!

Anonymous said...

Can't believe how much Ryder looks like Caden! Memories.

Tiffany said...

Oh my goodness they all looked just alike! We love comparing the photots too. I love the photos of the boys together - just wait till they are torturing each other or you in the photos!

Kathy said...

Wow, Ryder looks exactly like your daughter!! So precious!!

Katie said...

You have cookie-cutter babies. They are so beautiful!

Penny said...

Love the pictures! I could just squeeze Ryder's little cheeks! BTW a friend just had a baby girl last week and named her Ryder Grace~ big rodeo fans. lol Thought that was cute!
I still think Ryder looks like Caden's baby pictures. How precious!

Anonymous said...

The very first post you made when he was born, my first thought was, "he looks just like his sister." What peace I hope this brings you.

My brother died when he was 14 to brain cancer, and was the only one with my (step)dad's name. My older two sister had daughters, and my first was a girl as well. My next child was a boy, the first since loosing my brother, and we named him after him as well. Now that he has aged...he looks so much like my brother...and it brings me such a since of joy when I look at him and feel my brother close.

Heather in IN

Just Me - The Champion said...

Wow. Your family is beautiful. Caden... precious- all of them just beautiful little gifts. Wonderful treasures. They all match. How sweet. I pray your time with your family and thoughts of family are wonderful. Your an amazing Mommy. - jen