Thursday, October 29, 2009

Who doesn't love a baby in a bath?

The Captain and I used to love to give Caden her bath. It was such a fun time because she loved the water and bath toys so much.
She would splash and kick and chew on the toys. One of her favorites was a hippo that could squirt water. As soon as you would start to squirt the water out of the hippo she would stick out her tongue so the stream of water could hit it. It was so funny.

I knew when I was pregnant with Rigg that a lot of small things would be difficult for us once he was born. Not because of Rigg. Because we had such wonderful memories attached to the small things with Caden. Like bottle feeding on Sunday mornings, or baby Einstein video's...or bath time.

Bath time seemed the hardest hurdle for Andy to jump. It was not because he didn't want to be involved in giving his son a just brought up so many memories of his precious baby girl. It was a struggle. Since Rigg's birth I have been the bath giver. I have patiently waited for God to heal the Captain's heart. I have prayed that Andy would start to help more and more with bath time and by doing so build up more wonderful memories of bath time with his son.

Just this past Tuesday night I asked the Captain to help with bath time. He agreed. He usually helps prep, and cleanup...but rarely stays for the sudsing and cleaning portion of the bath. This time he lingered in the bath room while Rigg was in the tub. We had such a great time...and took a video just to prove it.


It is wonderful to see Gods hand heal our hearts in the little things. For in the little things, big memories are made. Maybe that is why the little things leave such big hurts when they are gone.


LStewart said...

Bath time with the little boys in my house is my favorite time of the day. And the smell of a clean baby can not be beat by anything else here on earth.

Just Me - The Champion said...

Oh my... LOVE LOVE LOVE the video. It is so cool how he laughs and giggled at the squirty toy. And I love his eyes when they get all wild eyed about what's happening in the bathtub! You guys rock. I will pray for you in those "small things". That God will send the holy spirit to comfort you exactly where you need to be comforted. When it feels most painful. Peace friend, Jen

Katy said...

Oh my, that is so great!

Lee Anne said...

Oh how very, very sweet! Praying you both find peace and comfort for all those "small" things.

Anonymous said...

That is the sweetest laugh ever. God is good. :)

Boothbloggers said...

that is absolutley precious! your son is about 2 weeks older than mine (i thinK) and I love to see what he's up to and what i have to look forward to with Corbin. I pray for you guys daily. you have a handsome little guy! God bless all of you!

Heidi @ Indy Photography said...

That is ADORABLE, Cari! So stinkin' cute! Glad Andy was able to join you for the bathtime fun this time. :)

Elizabeth said...

Caden's bathtime was so fun : )I'm glad you put up the pic of her in the sink.....brings back good memories. I LOVE this video of Rigg. It warmed to hear you and Andy laughing in the video with Rigg.

Bethany said...

What a great video. He is such a little man already. The washrag cracked me up. I'm pretty sure he'll thank you for that someday. Good forward thinking. :)

Anonymous said...


I enjoyed reading your last few entries today. The pic of Andy with the tiara is priceless -- but more importantly I loved watching Rigg laugh in the tub -- Luke watched too and kept saying "again?". :) When I first saw the pic of Caden in the bath, for a split second I thought it was Rigg -- they really do look more and more alike.

I loved seeing the video of her. I loved that it helped bring back some memories that have been hidden (loved your description of that too). It is good to see you continue to blog about hard days and times. I ache so much for you especially when I think about your desire to have all your family together -- it was helpful to read your blog about heaven and I rejoice that God gave you that gift, that moment when you could actually taste the reality of it. Amen. Come Lord Jesus.

And of course I loved the blogs and pics of Rigg -- anyone who can look at all those pics and not immediately smile and feel happy all over is derranged(sp?). He is precious - and his mom is a witty photo captioner - a great combo. I esp. loved the exersaucer shots -- all his different faces. TOO CUTE!

Love you friend.


Anonymous said...

I was at church today and we sang so many songs that we did at her celebration. I missed her a lot lately and then I saw the bath. I cant believe they both have the same favorite toy, only manly and girly versions. I echo Elizabeth's comment at how it was good to hear you and Andy laugh so much. I LOVE his laugh in this. I cant wait to come home and have bathtime myself. Cudos for the modesty cloth, I am sure he will thank you for it later. Love you Sara Sue