Tuesday, October 20, 2009

4 months

Rigg, you turned 4 months old yesterday.

You might like me to share some fun facts about this time...because, let's face it, you probably won't remember if I don't tell ya...

You have really grown into your name...Big Rigg suites you well...because, buddy, you are HUGE!! You are wearing 6-9 month clothes...and mostly 9 months. You weigh close to 17 lbs and are about 27-28 inches long. We won't find out the official weight and length until your Dr. apt on the 2nd of November.

You are playing with toys and trying to stuff them into your mouth...not always an easy task when you can't control your hands 100% or find your mouth all the time...but you are working on it!

You love to chew on your hands...it make gross slurpy sounds and produces LOTS of drool, but it makes you happy...so gum on, my son.

You are learning to share. You and your cousin Baylor enjoy the same toys from time to time. You even are starting to notice one another!

You enjoy watching Baylor crawl and cruise around...as well as your dog Bo. He always makes you smile.

You and Baylor even enjoy the occasional shared nap.

You recently spent some time with your Aunt Sara...you smiled and laughed a lot for her.
Your Aunt Elizabeth chatted you up the other day...you can see by the look on your face that you were pondering deep issues with her.
You love to sit up...you are getting really good at your bumbo seat and you sat int he exersaucer for the first time the other day...you were in color and toy overload...

You are smiling all the time and you have an infectious laugh.
You daddy and I are so happy you are here. I squeeze you to pieces almost hourly...and you just look at me with the classic "Rigg furrowed brow" as if to say 'Mamma, do we have to do this again, already?'

To which my response forever will be...yes my darling boy...again. And you better buck up...because another round is coming up soon!


Anonymous said...

You've always been so good at sharing your children - thank you!!! Thank you for letting me squeeze him to pieces today, if he tells you I abused him with kisses don't believe him, it's not true......well, maybe there's a tinsy bit truth in that statement, but how can you not kiss those cheeks??? gma b

brittany said...

What a handsome little man! He looks so much like his daddy, but some of those shots are so you and of course his beautiful sister!

Anonymous said...

I had a funny thought today as I was checking your blog to see if there was anything new.....of course I had to look at the pictures again even though I just looked at them yesterday. Then something funny struck me - I thought, this could be 30 some years ago and Brandon and Andy are playing!!! Made me smile to see two little guys, who both look like you just shrunk their daddys!!! (: b

Heidi @ Indy Photography said...

So Cari...I noticed that you dress your Riggster with a hat and a blanket when you go out. You know, to make sure he stays nice and warm. But what about your poor nephew?! No hat! No blanket!

Tsk tsk.

I see favoritism being played out here FOR SURE.

Elizabeth said...

HAHA....He cracks me up. You should have said he was looking at me like I was crazy!! But perhaps we will ponder deep issues someday : )

julie said...

oh my - those are fabulous pictures! Looks like he is developing quite the personality!!! wow!