Saturday, December 1, 2012

Deleted post... resurected

These are all the Insta's I have taken since the ER on Saturday morning.
(my user name is carichastain if you wanna follow)

The Captain has been one strong dude through all of this. He is ready to take on the fight. I love how calm and steady he has been... which is a bit opposite of how I have been, so really I have been encouraged and held up by him... seems so wrong and backward, I mean, he is the one getting his head chopped open and rooted around in...

Free wifi at the hospital has kept Andy sane... and let him keep up on all of your comments.

The boys came to see him before surgery. He was allowed to move around so we took over the waiting area. They are missing their daddy. I have been overwhelmed with offers to care for my sons. I am deeply loved and cared for... and so are my boys!

Surgery day... kissing the tumor goodbye!!!

I love this man... and it does my heart good to see him smile.

WE had an abundance of family and friends sit with us in the waiting room during the surgery. My friend Julie was in town from New York for Thanksgiving. What a blessing to sit and chat with her during this time.

I praise God for the ability to belly laugh while the Captain was under the knife... only God's peace...and good friends.
Trying to keep everyone updated as best I can. Splitting my time between Andy, the boys and electronic devises is not easy. (hence the fast pace of this post)

But I know it is super important. Because this is the very beginning of a long quite possibly hard road for us and I covet the prayers.

Please do not stop.

We are STILL praying for our miracle
Andy has done SO well since surgery. Not only is he doing 4000x better than last time. But the conversations he was holding yesterday with me and friends were better than the ones he could hold last week....stupid tumor.

Now that he has more space in his head he is dong great!!!
Yesterday morning, Praising God for His faithfulness and protection... and the Captain's amazing recovery.

Please continue to pray.
I just wanted to post these because I knew you would like to see them.
Keep leaving comments for the Captain... they are so encouraging and such a blessing to us.
Thank you. And we love you!


Jeri said...

I have followed your blog for a some time now. Sort of feel like a blog stalker. Your family is truly amazing. Your depth of faith is so hard to understand considering all you have faced. Your situations have helped me rethink my relationship with the Lord. For so long I have blamed him for my situation. My youngest daugther was born with down syndrome. Hard to understand all the whys but I am starting to pick myself up. Took me a very long time. I know that God will heal you and continue to use your family as a light to other people that are struggling. Thanks for your openness and willingness to share.

Amber Waves Of Grain said...

It's a privilege and blessing to pray for your family. My two older kids (6 and 3) pray for you too. My 3 year old has been praying for you daily without any reminders or promptings! I love to see how God continues to answer prayers and bless your family in the midst of this. Amber

Boyka said...

Praying - with all our heart - for dear Andy!!!

Anonymous said...

Praying for you guys! The pictures of your amazing smiles make me smile and warm my heart. You can tell that Jesus lives inside of you.

Julie : ) said...

yay! Glad it's back - (I may look at your posts multiple times....just maybe....if I admit it).